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Re: Hi from Wiltshire
Reply #10 on: 21 November, 2020, 10:04:06 AM
*Originally Posted by Art [+]
I found the stock 12v 55W H7 dipped beam halogen bulb to be useless. I've upgraded the dipped beam to a HID by way of a cheap as chips eBay deal. The only downside was I had to fit an off/on switch for the headlamp because occasionally after cranking the starter motor the ballast would cut out due to low voltage and then take hours before it would re-set. The ballast needs to be spliced into the headlamp wiring so fitting the switch isn't too much extra work. While I was there I fitted a pair of CREE U5 LED DRL's, they came with their own switch. Now 5 years on and its all still doing what it does and what it does is light the way ahead. Similar to these, ignore that the HID kit is for Yamaha its an H7 bulb and an H7 bulb is an H7 bulb.


H7 HID Conversion


Perfect, Iíll take a look at that over the weekend. 👍


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