Author Topic: Confession - dropped bile at 0 mph  (Read 15041 times)

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Re: Confession - dropped bile at 0 mph
Reply #80 on: 09 August, 2016, 07:37:10 PM
*Originally Posted by Feronabiffer [+]
I can empathise with the longer healing process!!

I have ordered a pair of these pegs:-

I see Robo recommended them a few years ago and I would imagine there will not be lot wrong with them given the mileage he clocks. Are you still using these?



Fitted these today and went for a 20 mile ride.  So far all positive with the added bonus of giving me some extra leg room i.e. they do lower the pegs by about an inch as Robo had stated. Always wondered what effect an extra inch would have :015:
Well at six foot and the seat on it's highest setting the extra seemed to help!!
All I need now are some bar risers.

I see Montblanc on another thread looking at possible peg lowering solutions maybe these will be of interest.  While they provide extra leg room because they are not as thick as the originals they do not have the effect of actually lowering the peg position and presenting any danger. If you know what I mean.


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Re: Confession - dropped bile at 0 mph
Reply #81 on: 09 August, 2016, 07:45:05 PM
Thanks for the tip on the pegs. Will give them a try. Definitely need a bit more leg room.