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Title: New Member here!
Post by: Tyrannix on 21 April, 2019, 07:34:26 AM
Hi all,
Just bought a used 2009 CBF1000A with only 15K on the clock and am very pleased with it.
Wish the gearing was a little taller but the bike feels like it has legs for days, so it's not a
big issue.  Fuel range could be a little better too, but what do you expect with 4 mouths at
998cc to feed.
Found this site while searching for info on the Honda,  so any advice on the bike is appreciated.
Title: Re: New Member here!
Post by: HGP on 21 April, 2019, 07:59:40 AM
Hi and welcome to the site.  :028:
I fitted a 17 tooth front sprocket on to my 07 plate bike, it dosn't make a huge difference to acceleration, brings the cruising revs down a few hundred RPM at motorway speeds and when filling up I am usually using a litre less fuel per tank than my friends 08 bike over the same route and at the same speeds on a long run. Might be something for you to think about.
Title: Re: New Member here!
Post by: Art on 21 April, 2019, 10:46:52 AM

+1 On the gearing for an increase in fuel economy. The question is 17 tooth (+6.3%) for the front or 41 tooth (+4.9%) for the rear. I started out looking for +5% so I'm probably going with the 41 tooth rear at the next tyre change, two birds with one stone while the wheel is off.
Title: Re: New Member here!
Post by: Longside on 21 April, 2019, 10:29:41 PM
Welcome Tyrannix,
I have had my cbf, same year and slightly more miles on it (20,500) for just over a month now. Like the way it seems so easy to ride. Would be nice to have a bigger fuel range as you say, but its not too bad, and will depend on how you ride it. I think I saw on here that a member fills up then sets one of the trip counters to 0, then works on getting 180 mls, with a few more to spare. I do the same, as their isn’t a fuel light or reserve switch, which shouldn’t be necessary, having a fuel gauge, but I got used to it on previous bikes. Found this site great for information on everything cbf related, so thanks to all for that.
Title: Re: New Member here!
Post by: Tyrannix on 23 April, 2019, 01:19:48 AM
Thanks for the welcome to the site and the info on front/rear sprockets. :046:  I'll definitely keep those in mind when I go to change them.   Seeing as the ones on there still have alot of life left, would be a waste to change 'em this soon.  Besides I just bought $500 worth of Givi saddlebags so I can't go crazy with my cash. LoL  :001:
Title: Re: New Member here!
Post by: Art on 23 April, 2019, 09:46:50 AM
Of course there is a pay back with the sprocket change! Based on UK fuel prices and Wemoto sprocket costs payback on a 41 tooth rear sprocket or 17 tooth front sprocket kicks in after about 4,000 miles with ongoing savings of around £1 per 160 miles or one litre of fuel per tank full.
Title: Re: New Member here!
Post by: Piper on 23 April, 2019, 10:40:16 AM
Hi and Welcome
Don't forget that lowering the revs at motorway speeds is fine if you want to increase mpg, but lowering the revs in town will allow the alternator to run slower therefore get hotter and liable to burn out quicker. (lots of information on this site about alternator stator burn outs). So as suggested on this site and the Fireblade site (same engine) is to keep the revs up at slow speeds. I try and keep mine above 3000rpm at town speeds. Pete.