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Title: Cbf 1000 mk2 oil sweating
Post by: dmcassa07 on 01 April, 2019, 04:14:43 PM
Hello guys, I'm New at this forum. I m really happy that i found out a community of cbf1000 owners.
I bought a second hand cbf1000 mk2 which was at 57k, fully service registered, excellent conditions.
I ve realised that after a 50km ride sometimes the left upper head of the engine sweats a little. I ve uploaded the photos. Anyone has any idea about it?
Title: Re: Cbf 1000 mk2 oil sweating
Post by: stergios on 01 April, 2019, 05:26:15 PM
can't see something wrong with it really, i would not lose sleep over it.

i've opened mine twice in the last two months nothing leaking even without a new gasket.

enjoy  your bike if it develops to a more profound leak its a fixable . i could be a residueal effect of a valve clearance check where the mechanic did not put any sealing agent over the gasket no big deal if it stays like this.

Title: Re: Cbf 1000 mk2 oil sweating
Post by: Art on 01 April, 2019, 05:53:22 PM
Welcome to the forum.

As above not too much to worry about there just a little oil vapour weeping past the seal, an oily rag is your best friend. If it starts to leak oil sort it, personally for the sake of a little oil misting I'd wait until the next time the valve clearances are checked.

Of course its the 'head cover' or 'rocker cover' or 'camshaft cover' call it what you will but its not the 'head'. If the head gasket was weeping that would be an entirely different kettle of fish and would need tending to sooner rather than later.
Title: Re: Cbf 1000 mk2 oil sweating
Post by: dmcassa07 on 01 April, 2019, 07:08:06 PM
Thank you for your answers. Acording to the maintaince guide Honda service needs to check the valves at thismpoint but i have the service papers since the first Day of the Bike but the Honda service didnt check all the things in the book. I asked them about it the valeives and the cam chain tension etc they said engine works properly and didnt see it neccessary. They ve told me that the guide is not valid, Acording to the book it says i need to replace oil every 12k but my service suggest me to do it every 5k. I am  a little confused about the subject. I need your experience in this. What should i check at 60k? I want to ride my Bike until it lasts. So i am humbly waiting for your advices.
Title: Re: Cbf 1000 mk2 oil sweating
Post by: Art on 01 April, 2019, 11:25:58 PM
When I acquired my 2006 CBF it came with 12,000 miles on the clock and a service book full of Honda main dealer stamps but it was unclear what had been serviced and what had been left over. I settled on an immediate engine oil and filter change followed up with a full on proper 'extended service' including engine oil, oil filter, air filter, spark plugs, coolant, brake fluid, fork oil and valve clearances checked at 16,000 miles. From evidence of the condition of the mayo fork oil, clogged air filter, blackened brake fluid etc it was long over due a proper service.

At 60,000 km Honda recommend the minor engine oil and filter service, the major valve clearance service isn't due until 72,000 km. Assuming the bike rides well I'd opt for the minor engine oil and filter service at 60,000 km and get to know your newly acquired bike, with the full on, all in, proper extended service at 72,000 km.

Engine oil and filter changes - I do mine every 8,000 miles, that's every 12,000 kilometres for you. Changing oil any sooner is a waste of hard earned that would be better spent on go go juice or cheese burgers on the run.

Enjoy your new ride
Title: Re: Cbf 1000 mk2 oil sweating
Post by: phild on 02 April, 2019, 08:21:22 AM
Oil and filter change every 8000 miles (12000kms) or annually, same for my wife’s CBF600SA.

We don’t do 8000 miles a year but change the oil and filter before our annual tour every May.

We’ll have our valves checked at 30,000 miles (reliable mechanic’s recommendation), as we’ve spent a fortune in the past, and have never had a bike that needed any adjustments (bikes included Bandit 600 x2 and 650, Fazer 1000, CBF600S).

Title: Re: Cbf 1000 mk2 oil sweating
Post by: Art on 02 April, 2019, 02:34:24 PM
Fair point phild, if you're doing less than 8,000 miles (12,000 km) per year an annual engine oil and filter change will do no harm. However, if you also put you wheels away for the winter you might want to consider your annual oil and filter service be done at the end of your riding season not the beginning. The reason for this being that engine oil collects all manner of corrosive particles over time.

I checked my valve clearances at 16,000 miles and found them to be more or less bang on midway within tolerance. As such I've ear marked them for a re-visit at 48,000 miles, in the meantime a mechanics stethoscope may be your best friend. Cheap as chips on eBay, it's a no brainer every garage should have one  :016:

link https://www.ebay.co.uk/sch/i.html?_from=R40&_trksid=p2380057.m570.l1313.TR3.TRC2.A0.H0.TRS0&_nkw=mechanics+stethoscope&_sacat=0

Title: Re: Cbf 1000 mk2 oil sweating
Post by: phild on 02 April, 2019, 05:31:12 PM
Last year we did over 2000 miles on our tour, then about 750 miles in the UK.......Grandkids many miles away means a lot of car or air travel!

I keep the bikes running through the winter with a 50 mile route (on a dry day of course!) every three or four weeks.

Cleaned and oiled after each ride. Pampered, yes, but my days of commuting on two wheels, in snow and ice, are long gone. :169:

I think you’ve given me an excuse for another tool in my garage, cheers. :028:
Title: Re: Cbf 1000 mk2 oil sweating
Post by: raYzerman on 12 May, 2019, 09:42:34 PM
Weeping at those half moons is typical of many bikes..... when you next have the valve cover off, smear a little RTV in the corners and it will take up those little gaps.
Title: Re: Cbf 1000 mk2 oil sweating
Post by: dmcassa07 on 12 May, 2019, 10:03:32 PM
Thank you all for your replies, I found out that my service added 3.3litres of motul 5100 instead of 3.0litres.after 4k kms, sweating stopped. After 6.3k kms i vechanged my oil to 3litres of motul 7100 oil filters and all liquid. Now even after 10mins of above 200kmh riding, my Bike doesnt sweat!! I highly recommend 7100to all of you guys, Best oil i have ever used so far!
Title: Re: Cbf 1000 mk2 oil sweating
Post by: Art on 13 May, 2019, 10:00:00 AM
It had to happen, morphing into another engine oil debate. Of interest what were the grades of the 5100 vs the 7100 Motul oils?

My engine oil of choice is Motul's 4T 5000 or 5100 in the 10W-40 grade, have also used Halfords own brand 10W-40 on the odd occasion. Yes, I'm fully aware that neither exactly meet the Honda recommended specification of API SG 10W-30 JASO T 903 standard: MA. Nor do I want to get into the good, bad, ugly or whether or not it makes any noticeable difference. It works for me, it works for my engines and M&P (Buster's) deliver 4 litres and an Hiflo oil filter to my door at £25.49 for the 5000 or £32.95 for the 5100. If you want they'll also offer 4 litres of the 7100 4T 10W-30 delivered to your door for £43.95 but you'll have to slum it with a K&N oil filter.

On the subject of engine oil capacity I too have found that 3 litres is just about spot on with an oil filter change. The left over litres get rotated at successive oil changes to provide free oil every fourth service.