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Suspension, Forks, Steering, and Chassis Set-up / Re: Front end squeak
« Last post by Milord on Today at 11:11:43 AM »
Ok I've managed to find where the sound was coming from!

Left hand side crash protector! I've squirted some wd40 in there and its stopped, but should these protectors move like this when shaken about?
Lighting, Electrical, and Wiring / Just been told
« Last post by Ianrobbo1 on Today at 09:42:05 AM »
I've just been told of a company that does batterys for all sorts of vehicles, including our bikes, I don't know if this is even allowed but the company  is called "tayna batteries", and according to my good friend Jaws from the bird site and former owner of Jaws motorcycle parts, they are pretty good, I've just been looking and the site is easy to navigate and the bikes are easy to find, also lesure and car batteries, just thought if someone was stuck next day delivery might be of some use, if you look harder you could possibly find them cheaper, but as a reference to find out what battery you need the search engine is very good at finding out. 
Travel Section / Re: Help me plan my September tour of the north of England
« Last post by Ali-bear on Yesterday at 02:04:54 PM »
It was 1511 miles in total with both the odo and the sat-nav agreeing very closely (so the recorded mileage is accurate, only the speedo' over-reads, hmm). Biffer performed faultlessly of course. Was riding about six hours each day.
Why are the roads so busy?
Travel Section / Re: Help me plan my September tour of the north of England
« Last post by Ali-bear on Yesterday at 01:58:34 PM »
Day 4: North Pennines and the border
Went east to Barnards Castle which seemed like a nice little town, then north retracing the road up to Alston then east over to County Durham. I went north up to Kielder this is a great road big sweeping bends and pine forest, its like you're in a little piece of Scandinavia! Turned round and back the same way then turning north to reach Hadrian's Wall. Spent some time walking along the Steel Riggs in fine weather almost got sunburned loving it. From there I went east along the roman road then turned north on the A68 over the modern-day border to Jedburgh, and then east towards Berwick where I stayed over, nice town strange accent.

Day 5: Northumberland coast and the North Yorks Moors
Followed the Northumberland coastal route to see the islands and Bamburgh. The tide was out (by luck) so I rode across the causeway to Lindisfarne! Not wishing to sully the place I just turned around and came back - the causeway is good tarmac and not even slippery. Went for a walk on the beach south of Bamburgh. From there my route plans south were scuppered by road closures and lack of time, so I took to some main roads. Stupidly obeyed the sat-nav which took me onto the busy A1 past Newcastle instead of the more scenic alternative towards Darlington (damnit!). But reached the moors with plenty of time to take in the Helmsley to Stokesley road and some other routes over the moors. Not wishing to be blase, but, these are nothing compared to the North Pennines! Stayed in Whitby - great chip shops. On my way back to the B&B after dusk was looking at a church spire in the town and saw an actual bat! Not sure if it was affiliated to the local tourism board.

Day 6: Long slog home
I was on a schedule so took some main roads. Went over the Humber bridge wow it's a biggie like the old Severn bridge on steroids must be a friggin' nightmare in strong winds. Lincolnshire, midlands motorways then back onto the Fosse Way home. some very slow drivers in the Cotswolds, but made it home in time for me tea.

Travel Section / Re: Help me plan my September tour of the north of England
« Last post by Ali-bear on Yesterday at 01:40:34 PM »
I'm back  :001: and it was all good. Sorry for missing later replies I was busy with work and getting prepped.

Day 1: Home to Peak district and beyond.
Made some elementary routing mis-judgements (not mentioning names but the A5 near Tamworth is not the best) which saw me sacrificing time in the Peaks for a non-motorway journey up. But the Peak district has lots of great roads and landscapes, I'll surely return for more exploration either on foot, on mountain bike or by motorbike again. Castleton crags were a stand-out feature. Going on from there my routing took me successfully between the big urban sprawls up to the start of Yorkshire.

Day 2: Yorks Dales
Went up then east past Skipton to Harrogate then left and up into the dales from there. Loved the dales lots of open space and less traffic about than the Peaks. First taste of high moorland open roads (but watch out for wooly bollards). Went all over the national park as far west as Penrith, taking in Ribblehead (but somehow failing to find Devils Bridge). Was cloudy with very light patches of drizzle about but not even enough to make the roads wet. Stayed over in Garsdale Head.

Day 3: The Lakes
Rode west past Kendal to Windermere then south past the "mere", west then north past Coniston "lake" to Ambleside. Then took on Hardknott Pass - jeez this one is steep narrow, tight, windy and rutted getting up to 1 in 3 in places. But the ever-faithful biffer took me up, over and down with luggage, rider and pants untroubled by the experience (would not attempt this in a campervan as my colleague has claimed to have done). Rode up and around then Butteremere and going over the Honiston pass which is easy stuff. Then up past Ullswater to Penrith. Having seen them I can now appreciate "The Lakes" because they are beautiful in places, the rocky hills offering a taste of proper mountain walking for us mere normals, with a tea shop never too far away. But the roads are absolutely stuffed and the towns very touristy. I'll return to walk some of these hills if I can stay away from the grey hordes. From Penrith I took an amazing road up onto the Pennines via Hartside to Alston and then on down to Middleton on Teesdale. Just love these high empty roads, the only signs of life in places are the road itself and some distant radar domes. From there I kept on the Pennines staying at the Tan Hill Inn (which I have to say, apart from its enviable position, has sadly little going for it).

For Sale Board / Re: 2011/11 Pearl White Mk2 Full Luggage For Sale
« Last post by Pan404 on 19 September, 2019, 02:56:13 PM »
I will include UK wide delivery in the asking price.
New Members / Re: Position lights problem
« Last post by timbig on 19 September, 2019, 02:08:40 PM »
are you pushing them in far enough?

its a bit fiddly

when i did mine it took a few goes to get them in right
New Members / Position lights problem
« Last post by Niosoga on 19 September, 2019, 11:04:56 AM »
Hi to all . I have a question.
Did ever anyone had problem with the position kith after changing the bulbs?  I have put blue beam LED's in both side and after a sort period the right side stop working (periodically it was working or was flashing) I change the bulbs but the problem still there... :006:
New Members / New member
« Last post by Niosoga on 19 September, 2019, 10:55:23 AM »
 :152: Hello friends my name is Nick I have a Cbf1000FA model of 13 I bought it new before 3 years I live in greece and I join cause I read about your foroum to a bike conversation
CBF1000 - General Discussion / Re: CBF engine/performance upgrades
« Last post by pedro on 18 September, 2019, 09:01:22 PM »
I don't know too much about these things, but the engine is a retuned Fireblade unit. One thought would be to install a non-retuned unit out of a Blade. How possible this is, I don't know, but surely isn't beyond the wit of Man.
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