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General Maintenance, Servicing, and Mechanical / Re: metallic rattle
« Last post by nivek24 on Today at 07:10:12 PM »
rayzerman, i don't have clutch drag, i have started it in neutral and in gear no noticeable change, starter spins engine at same speed hot or cold.
i have only started using the optimate battery charger now the weather has gone cold, i had the battery checked just after i bought the bike, i can't remember the exact voltages, the lad at the garage told me the battery and charging system ok.
i would have thought the battery would have given up by now if it was faulty, it has not gone flat through the summer even after leaving it 2 or 3 weeks in the garage before using it.
i have a volt meter so will check it in the morning and see what volts i have.
Looks like i will have to remove the clutch cover and see if anything looks wrong, like someone said on here.
Just been looking at the manual, noticed the oil pump chain, does this have a tensioner on it, i could not make one out on the diagram
Welcome back Andy
General Maintenance, Servicing, and Mechanical / Re: metallic rattle
« Last post by Art on Today at 05:58:18 PM »
"used a long screwdriver on the case with my ear to it"

Been there and done that many a time but what you want, what you really really want, is a mechanics stethoscope. Cheap as chips off eBay


Keeping the battery on a charger all the time is not a good idea when it comes to testing the voltages. Could be worthwhile leaving the charger off one night and put a multimeter across the battery terminals one cold morning to test the battery and measure the voltages. What to look for is
12.6v or more first thing before starting the engine (battery is holding voltage)
no less than 10.6v while the starter motor is cranking the engine into life (load test)
13.5v with engine at 2,500 RPM (charging system test indicating stator is OK)
14.8v with the engine at 5,00 RPM (charging system test indicating regulator rectifier is OK)

the battery voltage under load (while the starter motor is cranking the engine). If the voltage remains above 10.6v
For Sale Board / Re: free oem screen if anyone needs it?
« Last post by sambaman on Today at 05:38:40 PM »
no longer available - apologies
Welcome back.

Service history saved in Excel spreadsheets?? You're not alone and more should follow the practice. I too record in Excel workbooks. I record everything that is done at each service and in between including date, mileage, parts, suppliers, costs and tolerances measured.

I can tell you on day one of my ownership, 29th November 2014 with 12,614 miles on the clock, the battery voltages were  12.7v at rest, 13.8v at idle and 14.4v at 1500 RPM. Not of much use now but a good reference point when a replacement stator was fitted.
General Maintenance, Servicing, and Mechanical / Re: metallic rattle
« Last post by raYzerman on Today at 05:26:03 PM »
Given you've got 9000 miles on the clock, there shouldn't be anything wrong with the starter clutch, or the starter.  I assume you're starting it in neutral, if so, clutch drag should not be a factor.  Which leaves the battery... a voltage check is fine, but a proper load test would ferret out if the battery is OK.  Separate issue from the noise while running....
None of this is difficult.... I would pull the clutch cover and check for any loose clutch springs/bolts, and take the opportunity to remove the clutch plates, clean them if necessary and give them a good coating of engine oil if they are dry... which can contribute to clutch drag... again, not related to your slow cranking issue if in neutral.  Simply keep track of how the parts are stacked and do the reverse for assembly.
General Maintenance, Servicing, and Mechanical / Re: metallic rattle
« Last post by nivek24 on Today at 04:50:52 PM »
thanks for all the posts, started the bike this morning, outside temp was 2c, the rattling seemed worse behind the clutch cover where the clutch is, i used a long screwdriver on the case with my ear to it while blipping the throttle i am sure was worse from there, the noise does reduce with engine temp.
Also noticed when i first bought the bike how slow engine turns when starting it, it has been like this all the time i have had it, other bikes i have had the starter throws it over fast, i did think when i bought it the battery was on its way out, battery was checked and is ok, so just thought it was how it should be but now i wonder if something on the staterer gears behind the casing could the rattling  problem, bike is on charger all the time its in the garage
Pete, i looked on the near side where balancer shaft is and could not hear anything rattling so left it alone, it certainly from the clutch casing.
Can I interest you, or indeed the original Bifferman, in a lightly used Mk2 in white?  :001:
Hi and welcome.  You'll find us a friendly bunch here and a wealth of information should you choose to use the search engine effectively.


Who are you again ???

 :007:  Welcome back - are you buying another ? ? ? ? ?
Owned my CBF1000 MK1 from August 2007 until I sold it towards the back end of 2017 to buy a M.G. Midget so that I could go places with Lesley, my wife, who would not go near a motorbike :027:

Have missed the forum very much so hopefully the Admin will let me return in peace. 

Just checked the DVLA vehicle info site to find that  "The Swan" is still in existance although I can not tell if the person I sold her to is the current owner.  Sold with a 100% very detailed service record which I still have on Excell to date of sale.  Sale mileage was just over 15,000 miles and the new owner was going to tour over Europe on her with a mate of his.  Seems that may not have happened  as the MOT mileage since my sale reads:  Aug 2017 - 15,051 miles;  July 2018 - 15,771 miles;  August 2018 - 15,916 miles Q was the bike re-sold and tested again only 1 month after passing in July :027: ;  July 2019 - 18,603 miles so at last The Swan is being used again :084:

Apart for a single intermittant fault in 1916 the bike was superb and was sold in close to perfect condition.

Whoever ownes her now I hope you are a member on here and you are looking after her as I did during her first 10 years of life.  IF the current owner is not the person I sold the old girl to send me a PM and I should be able to give you hjer background and full service history during my 10 year tenure.


AKA Bifferman 2

p.s.  When I signed out for the then last time I had something in excess of 15,000 posts.  The post count now reads 13,028, what has happened to approx 2000 posts chaps :087:
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