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*Originally Posted by raYzerman [+]
Just an update.... long story, but through some strange logic and circumstances, I ended up with two Biffers, a  black '08 and a red '09..... just went for a riding event on the twisty roads of southeast Ohio and it handled great, and I certainly noticed the difference in weight from the FJR.  However, I'm spoiled by the FJR, and need to work on the windshield, seat and handlebars a bit to make it a true sport tourer.... and one of the Biffers will be sold.
I feel the vibes you gents are talking about, but it's not all that annoying to me.  It's easy to shift gears to move into a different rpm zone, and the bike is quite happy at 5000.  Still the smoothest power delivery of any bike I've ridden.  All is going on hold for a couple of weeks while I take the FJR to Quebec, Gaspe and the Adirondacks.... maybe we should have an Ontario ride to eat meeting or something in July?

Guess what? I just joined this site after buying a black Biffer from some guy in Millgrove Ontario. You might know him. :001:
My Biffer has a neutral light that pulses intermittently. Any ideas? I'm thinking I should replace the switch which Honda says requires removal of the engine. :192:
Thankfully this site came up with a Plan B that should solve the issue in about half an hour. So I'm not pissed at the guy who sold me the bike.
Just saying.....
I just bought a 2008 and rode it yesterday for the first time. I also have shimmy on deceleration if my hands come off the bars. I had the exact same issue on my 04 Blackbird. The issue was apparently related to 2 conditions. At least it disappeared when I changed them.
1. The existence of a top box.
2. A front tire with a centre groove.
But this machine came with brand new Avons so I'm not replacing the rubber. I'll just keep my hands on the bars.
CBF1000 - General Discussion / Re: Top Ten Mods & Accessories
« Last post by Eh2zed on Today at 09:41:47 PM »
08 Mk1.
Rear hugger
Licence plate helmet lock
Stebel air horn
Givi top box
VStrom side cases
Engine guards
Highway pegs mounted on engine guards
Folding brake and clutch levers
Aftermarket brake and clutch reservoir covers
Battery voltmeter and gear position indicator
Oxford heated grips
GPS Ram mount
Plug for heated vest

Kitchen sink
Beer fridge
Flush toilet
Air conditioner
Queen bed
CBF1000 - General Discussion / Re: After owning CBF's since 2008
« Last post by iNCORRIGIBLE on Today at 09:34:53 PM »
Lovely post ,Josiah.You are using powerful common sense in your thinking & its practical application.There is certainly nothing wrong with the Biffer and I am very glad that I chanced upon it. Continue to use your sensible approach & I am sure you will maximize your continued pleasure of motorcycling .
All the very best .Edward. :031:
Tyres and Wheels / Re: michelin road 5 tyres
« Last post by Pan404 on Today at 07:50:33 PM »
Give your local Trading Standards a call
Tyres and Wheels / Re: michelin road 5 tyres
« Last post by flukester71 on Today at 07:33:05 PM »
Hi i had to fill out a complaint form at the dealers which they say will go back with the tyre to Michelin for tests wherever that is. When i enquired how long this could take i was told not sure 2-3 weeks maybe. Surely i should of got my new tyre fitted free and the dealer take up the issue directly with Michelin.
I have got tyres here before on a couple of occasions but this will be the last

CBF1000 - General Discussion / After owning CBF's since 2008
« Last post by Josiah on Today at 05:46:45 PM »
Sorry folks but I have sold my CBF.
After having a mk 1 2008 till 2014 and mk 2 from 2014 till July 2019.
The decision was made for me by my declining strength and loss of confidence in my ability to manoeuvre the bike around when parking up. At a starting weight of approx 260 kg. it became just dangerous. My CBF had full touring kit and crash bars so it's all up weight must have been approx 280 kg.
I have bought a Tracer 700 GT approx weight 210 kg. Which I hope will keep me biking for a few more years yet.
My first impressions of the difference are thus:
The CBF a Bentley, big heavy, very fast and very powerful. An absolute dream to ride either short distances or long distance touring, I was always doing 260 miles up to North Yorkshire on it.
The Tracer lighter, quicker on twisties, nowhere near as smooth more economical.
Tomorrow is acid test as I am going up to North Yorkshire again.

If it not for the weight I would have run the CBF into the ground and as my wife said I was  almost in tears when I part exchanged it.
I don't visit the forum much these days, but I have made many friends on the forum, most of whom have moved on to different bikes, but I am still in contact with most of them and still ride with quite a few. I have so many good memories of some of the Rideout's some I led and some Trefoil led.
Any way folks stay safe and enjoy your CBF's.

Josiah  :112:

Hi  have you still got the lowers please
CBF1000 - General Discussion / Re: Bumpy Ride / Misfire when motor brake
« Last post by alan sh on Today at 02:25:56 PM »
The Power Commander normall bypasses the ECU, so if everything is back to standard, I would check for leaks in the exhaust or inlet systems.

Lighting, Electrical, and Wiring / Re: Neutral light switch
« Last post by Eh2zed on Today at 02:25:13 PM »
Thanks Westoneboy and Gizmo. I was really hoping to not have to visit a dealer to get the neutral light flicker repaired. I'm going to try the repair tomorrow. Thumbs up to you both.
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