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Thanks Malc, will try that. Have a nice evening.
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Hi Malc, Art

Thank you for your input buddy, I will ride for few hundred miles and check if the codes are reoccurring. I actually wanted to see the mechanics connecting the device to the bike so I can see for myself which codes are coming up but they don't let customers see them working on the benches.

Do you know a garage in London that would do this type of check?

Art has kindly sent the note below explaining how to read the codes but to be brutally honest is like Chinese to me, I am now very good with this things and I am don't want to burn my bike down by playing with the electric parts lol.

You guys are legends and I am ever so grateful for your support. :)

Its mostly in the workshop manual Section 6 FUEL SYSTEM (PGM-FI), page 13 scroll down to "Reading DTC with the MIL" where it describes how to read the codes using the Honda SCS (Service Check Short) connector 070PZ-ZY30100, pattern connectors can be had off eBay. The codes are listed on page 16.



eBay pattern SCS Connector

Or its possible to read the Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTC) by the PGM-FI Engine Check Lamp (MIL) with a jumper wire...

A.   Current Codes - If the PGM-FI engine check lamp is on with the engine idling engage neutral gear and put the side stand down. The PGM-FI lamp will start flashing any active codes.

B.   Stored Codes - If the engine PGM-FI check lamp is off you can read any stored codes as follows

Remove the seats. Locate the Data Link Connector (DLC) a 4P red socket that can be found below the riders seat bracket between the ABS modulator and main fuse box. It is covered by a dummy connector, depress the tab to remove it and you’ll see four female terminals, the wires are coloured

•   Black/white (12V switched live)
•   Orange/white (diagnostic)
•   Brown (Service Check Short)
•   Green (Chassis ground)

With the ignition switched off short the brown and green wire terminals with a jumper wire. Turn the ignition ON and watch the PGM-FI engine check lamp. If there are no codes stored the lamp will come on and stay on, if there are any stored codes the lamp will flash the DTC main code, the sub code cannot be flashed by the lamp.

The PGM-FI engine check lamp has two types of flash, a long 1.3 second flash and short half second flash. One long flash equals ten short flashes. For example, when two long flashes are followed by three short flashes, the DTC is 23 (two long flashes equals 20 plus the three short flashes equals 23). When the Engine Control Module (ECM) stores more than one DTC the lamp will flash the lowest code first. When finished turn the ignition switch off and remove the jumper wire.

CBF1000 - General Discussion / Re: Stator gasket
« Last post by ivor hugh jarse on Yesterday at 04:53:23 PM »
Thanks for the useful info  :020:... the bike has cost me nothing but tyres and oil from 9,000 to 21,000 miles    £150.00 for a stator and battery for another 8,000 miles of worry free riding when all this is over is simply wonderful

Superb bike ... my Bandit 1200 also did 50,000 and only dropped a valve at 46,000 miles and an exhaust collector box at 25,000
CBF1000 - General Discussion / Re: New screen for tall rider?
« Last post by Biffmk1 on Yesterday at 02:02:21 PM »
Hi, bit late to the convo but if your still looking, I bought one of the mra screens last year. I'm teetering on 6ft5 (yes the bike does look tiny with me on it) but the screen looks great and performs great.  :028:
Exhaust System / Re: Broken downpipes
« Last post by Art on Yesterday at 01:59:26 PM »
Happy Days
Exhaust System / Re: Broken downpipes
« Last post by Biffmk1 on Yesterday at 01:46:47 PM »
Update on the situation. Found a guy in Wakefield to repair them and add 2 new pipes off of the collector box  :152:. Thanks for your input guys  :028:
Excellent, thank you, Art!
You can convert png files to pdf files for free at PNG to PDF

Great work Art or Work of Art.  Is the main diagram available in .pdf by chance?  Thanks.
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