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Title: HELP! Handlebar risers.
Post by: MrMellows on 17 June, 2020, 04:58:26 PM
Hi All ,

Have a query regarding handlebar risers. I'm after buying risers for my 2009 CBF 1000 GT ABS. (see below link)


However , I do not have enough slack for the cables. Has anyone encountered this problem before ? And if so could you direct me to the correct website/product where I can buy the necessary cable extenders. I cannot find them anywhere online.

Any help would be much appreciated.

Title: Re: HELP! Handlebar risers.
Post by: Careca on 23 June, 2020, 07:28:28 PM
Hi Mike,

I haven't come across hose extenders. Im not sure i would want to use them . The answer is you need longer hoses. I would get in touch with HEL , go to the contact page and ring them up and tell them what it is you want. They will make them for you in whatever colour you want. .


They do lost of standard replacement hoses , just tell them you need them 50 mm longer or however much longer you want  as you have fitted bar risers.

Title: Re: HELP! Handlebar risers.
Post by: CaseyJones277 on 23 June, 2020, 07:50:28 PM
When I was first looking at Handlebar Risers I ordered some a bit like this, up and back type. But after ordering, reading a few posts on here I realised it was going to cause a lot of myther! I got in touch with the supplier and just got 25mm straight forward Risers. These fitted my mk2 fine, but anymore than 25mm I think would’ve caused issues! Think I only paid around £25-27 if I remember correctly.
Title: Re: HELP! Handlebar risers.
Post by: g5guzzi on 23 June, 2020, 09:43:56 PM
Hi Mike
Just in  case you are not aware the handlebar mountings on
the mk1 are adjustable backwards and forwards by  i believe turning the
the bottom post around. if it is already set to the rear if turned round
to the front you may gain a bit of slack if your lucky.

Title: Re: HELP! Handlebar risers.
Post by: thebudda08 on 29 June, 2020, 02:24:45 PM
i have the 09 non gt , I have these on now 3 years no problem  , im sure they are 25mm up and 22m mmm back , them numbers are in my head , ive had no problems with any cables