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Title: Fitting camera
Post by: Bluefox on 21 May, 2020, 04:03:42 PM
Good afternoon people, has anyone ever wired in a Gopro into their bike? Is it a simple process? I have a hero 4 that I was thinking of hardwiring into the bike(mk2) any advice appreciated. I have mountings.
Title: Re: Fitting camera
Post by: NJD on 24 May, 2020, 07:17:09 PM
What exactly would you hard wire? The GoPro is an indepdant battery controlled camera free from wires.

You can mount a sticky pad to the bike, and put the GoPro on that?

The only bit you could actually do any wiring with was the charger, and that would mean cutting the O.E.M cable and rewiring it with some wire that had connectors that could fit onto the battery of the bike; but then why would you do that because all it would do is charge it, and I'm not sure you can use and charge the camera at the same time.

You stand to gain nothing, from what I understand.

There are camera systems designed to be bike mounted, but even the one that my local J&S were trying to push out of nowhere one week vanished the next.

Unless you have more details of what you had an idea of doing that could be expanded on.

GoPro mounted front and rear is probably as camera'd up as you'd need to get, but would be a pain charging them both all the time. Removing them. Clearing the SD card. Turning them on and checking their recording etc.