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Title: Goodbye CBF
Post by: Basher on 09 January, 2020, 03:34:14 PM
Sadly its time to say goodbye to my Biff & this forum. I haven't posted much myself, but it has been a source of good info over the last 3 years!
Just traded my 73,000 mile '08 CBF for a Tiger 800 XRx, as I wanted something a little lighter ( am now 66 and just retired...… No more daily commuting on the M27!! yay!!).
Will be interesting to compare and also play with all the electronic toys ( Cruise control, traction control, throttle modes, it can even remember wife's birthday ...) and see if the claimed 65mpg is real!
Tried a Crossrunner, wasn't impressed- they should have used the Biff engine not the v4 VFR one!
And if I don't like it..... I wouldn't hesitate to buy another Biff!

Title: Re: Goodbye CBF
Post by: Rev Ken on 10 January, 2020, 09:17:44 PM
Let us know how you get on with your new bike. I too had to let my CBF go as it got too heave for this 80+ year old. My choice was a BMW F800GT with belt drive.
Title: Re: Goodbye CBF
Post by: Basher on 12 January, 2020, 03:43:15 PM
Well I just clocked first 100 miles and I am very pleased with the Tiger 800. It’s light and comfortable and handles beautifully. Seems to be as powerful and fast as needed on UK roads. I do miss the smooth effortless  “torque from anywhere” of the CBF. This one has a loud aftermarket FUEL can, and isn’t quiet, so no twats in earphone wandered obliviously  across my path like they regularly do on the Biff.
I did find I was having to use the gearbox more and keep the revs up, working the engine harder.
If the CBF is a lazy bumblebee then the Tiger is an angry wasp!