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Title: 06 Cbf1000 TPS query
Post by: Tony p on 06 January, 2020, 02:46:10 PM
New member query - my CBF 1000 06 reg running lumpy when warmed up. Found my TPS with water ingress. Cleaned and wiped it dry and was ok for about 20 miles but fault re occurred. Obviously water damaged. I've ordered a new one from eBay but seller is asking if it's clockwise or anti clockwise. Does anyone know ?  Also is it ok to ride with tps unplugged as it seems fine without it apart from the F1 light being on. I've changed my plugs (what a job that was) and checked coil packs and leads and they were all ok. So fault does seem to point towards tps as when it's unplugged the bike runs fine. Soon as it's plugged back in fault reoccurs.
Title: Re: 06 Cbf1000 TPS query
Post by: Art on 06 January, 2020, 03:24:50 PM
Welcome Tony

Search 'TPS' on this forum reveals sources of supply and that it is clockwise

Title: Re: 06 Cbf1000 TPS query
Post by: Tony p on 06 January, 2020, 03:40:58 PM
Much appreciated - looking through the various posts some Very informative info on this forum by the way .
Title: Re: 06 Cbf1000 TPS query
Post by: g5guzzi on 06 January, 2020, 08:50:38 PM
looking at the tps from the drive side it rotates clockwise and the drive position
is at approx 10 minutes to 12
Title: Re: 06 Cbf1000 TPS query
Post by: Tony p on 07 January, 2020, 04:20:05 PM
Cheers Malc. New sensor on its way. I did get the moisture out of the original sensor and cleaned it out and put it back on the bike but it failed again after 20 miles or so it must have been damaged with the moisture intake. - I just left the part on the bike until the new one arrives. Would it be advisable to ride with the TPS connector plug out ? ? bike seems to rev and respond ok with it unplugged but it displays the F1 warning light as Solid when its unplugged. Ive only had the bike a few weeks and think it stood for a while prior to my ownership. Ive had it MOT'd and serviced and a new battery fitted so this hopefully is the last job to do.
Title: Re: 06 Cbf1000 TPS query
Post by: Shed on 07 January, 2020, 05:28:26 PM
The TPS is one of several items that help the ecu brains of the bike basically make fuel and air supply metering 'decisions' that make your bike run at optimum efficiency (allegedly!). Usually for the sake of emissions regulations, not necessarily for actual engine running reasons.
Remember when bikes and cars all ran fine without any of this sensor laden engine malarkey?  :oldie:  :008:

Without the TPS sensor, you'll run a bit richer, or leaner, than the ecu would normally decree as 'optimum' for any given moment, and you may occasionally find throttle response a bit off. If your bike runs as you say lumpy with your current (dodgy) tps sensor fitted, and fine without it (apart from the FI light), then for me I'd just run it without. Personally, I'd rather have the light on the dash than the bike running like a 3 legged donkey.

Stick a bit of tape over the FI light if it's getting on your wick.  :007:

It's only til your new TPS turns up, so I wouldn't worry about riding without the TPS.  :028:
Title: Re: 06 Cbf1000 TPS query
Post by: Tony p on 07 January, 2020, 08:03:24 PM
Cheers for the feedback. To be honest I wasn't looking to use it as a must need means of transport . I just wanted to give it a run out to get the oily bits moving and wanted to make sure it was deemed as ok to do so with the F1 light on and the TPS unplugged (didn't want to cause any potential lasting damage by giving it a run out)  . However been told the new TPS is on route now so it should be up and about by the weekend -  Fingers crossed. Thanks again.
Title: Re: 06 Cbf1000 TPS query
Post by: Tony p on 15 January, 2020, 05:27:45 PM
Bit disappointing but new part landed today and its wrong. Not only is the rest position if the Sensor at the 'Wrong O Clock' its anti clockwise instead of clockwise. this was even despite this being stipulated on the order. Anyway I've ordered another one from a different supplier who assures me this is the correct one. But on the off chance its a wrong part again. Does anyone have a decent link to s supplier who gets it right on the first attempt.

In other news I carefully took apart the old sensor and it was fill of water and had corrosion inside as a result. Common theme seems to be that the original O ring had perished and  allowed water inress - Honda from new don't seem to fit a gasket on this part but after market ones seem to have them supplied.

I found Its quite a hard part to track down to be honest unless im just looking in the wrong places ?
Title: Re: 06 Cbf1000 TPS query
Post by: jm2 on 16 January, 2020, 03:06:27 PM
Art's post (reply #1) indicated where to look.

Following on from that, I can see a few on the bay of thieves using those links - are these not the correct ones ?? (some even have the bright green gaskets showing).
Title: Re: 06 Cbf1000 TPS query
Post by: Shed on 16 January, 2020, 09:49:31 PM
Tony, you'll find the tps sensor on the cbf is also fitted to Honda cars, such as the Jazz, Acura, etc.

If you have no joy with your latest supplier, you could cast your eyes further afield to here:

g5guzzi on the forum got one from that link above last year, and it worked.

Only thing is, you may have a few weeks wait for it to arrive.

Keep us informed  :028:
Title: Re: 06 Cbf1000 TPS query
Post by: Tony p on 17 January, 2020, 11:50:27 PM
Still awaiting delivery of new and hopefully correct part (hopefully next day or 2) in the meantime I actually carefully cracked open the old sensor and cleaned and re-soldered some new brush contacts and after several attempts to put it back together in the right position with the internal spring I actually got it fixed and working.

Obviously id rather put the new part on and keep the repaired one as a spare but I got some inspiration from a you tube video where I saw someone attempt it. If you can bear to listen to the awful music on the video its a semi comical watch especially the bit at the end with the cigarette filter.         

Thanks again for the advice and helpful links. I did actually go to a local scrap yard and remove one from a Honda Jazz but it was anti clockwise. It probably depends on the year and Model for compatible CBF1000 sensors.as I say finger crossed for my pending delivery.

Ill keep the post updated with progress.   Tony

Title: Re: 06 Cbf1000 TPS query
Post by: Art on 18 January, 2020, 03:11:34 PM
A bit late with this but hey ho maybe of some future use.

Clockwise vs Anti-clockwise?

The TP sensor rotates clockwise as viewed from the outside when it is in its fitted position, that is as viewed through the cover plate or blind side. Some will incorrectly identify the rotation and reverse it by viewing the TP sensor from the inside.
Title: Re: 06 Cbf1000 TPS query
Post by: Tony p on 19 January, 2020, 07:19:45 PM
here is a pic of my sensor . the rest position is the yellow line. the movement is to the right that I deemed as clockwise.

I fitted it in today and whilst the bike ran the F1 light stayed on (which it didn't with my old sensor unless it was unplugged) and gave me '8 flashes' I didn't have the time today to further investigate but have a feeling that the plug or cables to the TPS might also have been water damaged. so for now the issue remains.

I re fitted and plugged the old sensor back in and the F1 light now stays on with that now - Iv'e definitely niggled something. .
Title: Re: 06 Cbf1000 TPS query
Post by: Shed on 19 January, 2020, 09:34:27 PM
8 flashes is TPS sensor.

Your sensor pic, sensor, yellow position line, and clockwise, all look spot on to me. (Unless you've been really unlucky and obtained a defective 'new' sensor).

You've mentioned moisture, wetness, and corrosion before, and this would be my first area to check out. I'd suggest giving the connectors a good dousing in water dispersant, such as WD40, followed by some contact cleaner to ensure they are properly cleaned up and water free. Is the wiring in & around the connectors themselves sound? No corrosion on any of the connector pins? Wires themselves ok?

For good measure, go old-school and give the connectors a white distilled vinegar bath. It's very cheap, supermarket about 50p a pint, and very effective. Get the connector block in a bag of white vinegar, like a goldfish in a bag, for 10-15 mins and that'll get all the crud off the contacts. Wash the vinegar off with your water dispersant. Don't wash off with water!

Also, info here for reference:
Title: Re: 06 Cbf1000 TPS query
Post by: g5guzzi on 19 January, 2020, 10:10:31 PM
Hi Tony
there have been several sub harness's  on ebay for the injectors
and tps lately. On the mk1 i think  the harness doesnt go directly to the ecu
but goes to a another connection on the way to the ecu.
when you set the tps if you pierced the harness could have damaged the wire?
When i cleaned the terminals on the connection on my bike with a contact cleaner
the seal at the bottom of the connector swelled up and made the connector difficult to fit
on the tps it has been ok when using ACF50.
There was a break out lead on ebay that fits between the tps and the wiring harness connector
which allows adjustment of the tps without damage to the wiring it was listed for KTM and Honda

Title: Re: 06 Cbf1000 TPS query
Post by: Shed on 19 January, 2020, 10:50:42 PM
Further to Malc's post, to help visualise what connectors & wires you're looking for,

Number 6 in the diagram here:

Sub harness on ebay here:
Title: Re: 06 Cbf1000 TPS query
Post by: Tony p on 20 January, 2020, 06:25:44 PM
Here is the latest. popped into a local independent motorcycle repair shop today. To be honest I used the lad years ago when I last owned bikes and he was always helpful and reasonable. Anyway I explained the situation and he said the bike may need to have a diagnostic carried out and the fault code cleared if I've tried to fit the new TPS myself.

He said you often have properly set up and calibrate TPS sensors. As I've not owned the bike for to long and I just want to get it up and  running I've agreed to get it in this Thursday. I'm happy with the price for the diagnostic and the TPS set up so just going for it. Plus I know he'll give it a decent once over. at least il find out if the new TPS is working properly.
Title: Re: 06 Cbf1000 TPS query
Post by: Shed on 21 January, 2020, 01:32:56 AM
Hopefully come Thursday, all will be well Tony.  :123:  :028:
Title: Re: 06 Cbf1000 TPS query
Post by: Tony p on 22 January, 2020, 10:24:34 PM
Here's a strange update. I turned the bike over for the first time today since fitting the new tps on sunday. As most of the people following this thread will know the bike activated the F1 warning light after fitting the new TPS. The bike is booked into a local bike mechanic tomorrow who is going to do a diagnostic check and a TPS set up.

Anyway a i started the bike and hey ho 'as expected'  the F1 light was still on so,  i left it running for 5 mins to warm up, came back and F1 light still on. Then i turned it off with the key NOT the Red cut off switch next to the twist throttle. few moments later i turned the key to the start position i.e. dash lights on etc.. but didn't press the starter button. instead i turned off the RED cut off switch and the F1 light went out. I then turned on the red cut of button the F1 light came on for one second then went out - pressed start button and now the bike is running without the F1 light on. 

Am i just being silly or does the red kill switch also act as a RESET ?? i haven't taken the bike out for a spin just sat with it running, and it all seemed to be fine. Im still taking it into get the diagnostic and set up carried out tomorrow as its booked and it would be nice to see what it shows up..
Title: Re: 06 Cbf1000 TPS query
Post by: Tony p on 23 January, 2020, 05:12:33 PM
UPDATE - Got the bike back this afternoon. had the new TPS set up properly and a full diagnostic test done. So with that and a bit of magic dust sprinkled on it from the good folk at BDS bikes. It now seems like I have a fully functioning machine.

The ride home was only about 8 miles but it ran perfectly. No coughing ,spluttering and stalling as previous with the faulty TPS. it was actually a pleasure to ride it and I can now begin to understand why these machines are highly rated.

Looking forward to getting some good use out of it now - just need the big yellow thing in the sky to put in more of an appearance, Once aging guys thanks for all your helpful posts and advice along the way.
Title: Re: 06 Cbf1000 TPS query
Post by: Shed on 23 January, 2020, 07:02:30 PM
Great news Tony. Now you can start to enjoy this great bike, rather than worrying about it and losing confidence in it. Good times ahead  :730:
Title: Re: 06 Cbf1000 TPS query
Post by: Tony p on 30 January, 2020, 05:07:27 PM
Well the excitement lasted 1 week. Took bike out for a run today. All good for around 20 miles, then F1 light back on with 8 flashes (indicating TP sensor issue) Crawled home Rang shop where the TPS set up and dyno check done. They've asked me to take it down tomorrow afternoon so they can plug it in and hopefully see what's really  going on.  I wont be beaten by this for now its just frustrating and starting to give me trust issues.
Title: Re: 06 Cbf1000 TPS query
Post by: Shed on 30 January, 2020, 11:11:19 PM
 :232:  :157:  :042: Tony.

I hope they get it sussed for you this time. 
Title: Re: 06 Cbf1000 TPS query
Post by: Tony p on 31 January, 2020, 08:54:04 PM
Ok so it went back in today - The lad was on with it for about half an hour. He just kept having to make slight adjustments to get the TPS set up right (tolerance's) - after a few tweaks the final one seemed to be a bit more settled. So I've jumped on it and gave it a good blast back home and dare I say it, it ran fine without triggering the F1 light.

He said if it happens again bring it back for another tweak, so I seem to have the support and understanding of the mechanic. I kind of got the impression when he was looking on the Honda sites for the correct set up readings they don't seem to be published as the TPS is part of the Whole throttle body unit.

Good news is the replacement TPS seems to be ok ( I thought i'd purchased a duffer) It just needed some tweaks to get its correct set up established. I'm confident FOR NOW.. watch this space.
Title: Re: 06 Cbf1000 TPS query
Post by: Shed on 02 February, 2020, 11:14:44 PM
Back on the road Tony.  :028:

Let's hope it's sorted for good now.  :080: