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Title: Front Fork lowers.
Post by: frankthebike on 25 November, 2019, 03:33:31 PM
Good afternoon all.

Just purchased a CBF1000 ABS 07 plate. It's in great nick apart from the lower forks which have been really battered. It really detracts from the beauty.

Every bike I've ever owned was never this bad.

What's the best solution?

Is there a plastic cover available or is it a case of rubbing down and painting on some silver Hammerite?

Thanks in advance.
Title: Re: Front Fork lowers.
Post by: FLIZ on 25 November, 2019, 05:38:32 PM
There are some vinyl fork protectors advertised for sale on e bay, 7.65 . Might be worth a look. Let us know how you get on.   
Title: Re: Front Fork lowers.
Post by: Art on 25 November, 2019, 07:29:44 PM
Robo did his with an etch primer for bare metal, Simoniz Grey primer, Simoniz Steel wheel and a coat of Simoniz clear lacquer. The result looked a proper job saly the images are no longer available https://www.cbf1000.com/index.php/topic,19210.0.html

Others have had good results with Rustoleum White Aluminium 2114, Hammerite Silver Smooth and Hammerite Silver Hammered.

I have some brush on Hammerite Silver Smooth on the shelf which I intend to use on the swinging arm at the next extended service. Probably give the The front fork lowers and ABS pulsar rings a look too.
Title: Re: Front Fork lowers.
Post by: edger on 25 November, 2019, 08:03:15 PM
Rub them down and re spray ,
I did mine with a couple of rattle cans of primer and a top coat of matt black from the pound line OH and I think I bought the wet and dry from there as well
Jobs a good un and all for under a fiver!
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Title: Re: Front Fork lowers.
Post by: frankthebike on 27 November, 2019, 02:58:39 PM
Thanks all.  :031:

I was rather hoping there would be some 'gucci' covers out there, never mind, I love wet and dry...

Back to old school.
Title: Re: Front Fork lowers.
Post by: thebudda08 on 27 November, 2019, 07:47:04 PM
I cleaned the forks and put some wrap on it with a reflective black strip down the front cut to shape and fit, on over 2 yrs now in all weathers , just a quick wipe od a lightly damp cloth and clean again
[url=https://ibb.co/7tGd8LR](https://images.weserv.nl/?url=ssl:i.ibb.co/PG5v309/20191127-192701.jpg) (http://<a href="https://ibb.co/7tGd8LR"><img src="https://i.ibb.co/PG5v309/20191127-192701.jpg" alt="20191127-192701" border="0" /></a>) [/url]

Title: Re: Front Fork lowers.
Post by: Bifferman 2 on 29 November, 2019, 04:31:11 PM
Hi Frankthebike

If you do go to the trouble of removing the forks and cleaning up/respraying the lowers (Rustoleum is the best colour match) then may I suggest you drain and replace the fork oil while you are at it.  As long as the fork seals are not leaking and hence no real need to replace those, you might be amazed at just what an improvement there is on your front end suspension.  When I replaced the head bearings on my 2007 MKI in 2017 I took the opportunity to replace the fork oil at the same time and I noticed that the fork oil levels were inconsistent L to R as well as quite a bit lower that I expected the level to be.  The annoying thing for me was that the fluid level was supposed to have been replaced in 2011 by the Honda Dealer at 'The Swan's annual service :084: .

FWIW, when you have resprayed the lower forks and they are all nice and shiny again, if you want to keep them that way, and as the lowers attract stone chips, why not periodically (more often if you ride in winter) rub some ACF50 on these areas and it will seriously keep them in better order than previously.

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Title: Re: Front Fork lowers.
Post by: Shed on 30 November, 2019, 08:30:07 AM
Or, if you're on a tight budget and of a carefree persuasion, as seen on some trials bikes, get yourself a length of waste pipe cut it length-ways and slip it over the forks. 
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Title: Re: Front Fork lowers.
Post by: edger on 30 November, 2019, 05:38:48 PM
And you could chop and change between yellow gas pipe, blue water pipe ,white or  black
waste depending on your bike  :mfrlol: