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Title: Shifting issues - where to look?
Post by: NJD on 24 November, 2019, 02:33:50 PM

CBF1000 2006 ABS 54,000 miles.

Purchased in June/July, and has developed an issue with gear shifting between any set of gears and at random times; and so yes it is fair to call it "intermittent," but does occur almost every ride. The issue is going up the box, and works fine all the time down.

Issue is mainly that it refuses, and then you have to go again.. or perhaps a third time.

Oil and clutch fluid were changed around the time I got it at 53,000 (forget the exact 100's were in terms of mileage). Oil is 10w40 Halfords part synthetic and does look rather dark already (not sure if 10w40 performs worse than 10w30 on this bike in cold weather, but never had an issue with 10w40 on other bikes in the past at this time of year like this).

Didn't change the rubber seals on the clutch slave master cylinder, and so have no idea what condition they're in or how old it is. Likewise I know there's a bearing on the shaft in the engine casing that I've not inspected.

I did adjust the gear linkage rod (the horizontal one) to adjust the lever position not long after I got the bike, but didn't touch the vertical one. Given that it shifts smooth as butter sometimes I probably would have noticed closer after that adjustment if it was the cause and would occur all the time if I'd set it too high (not allowing it to go up the box with ease).

Clutch lever positions make no difference (adjustable lever of some silver kind, no idea if OEM).

The fact it sometimes goes into neutral (postiive, not false) between 1st and 2nd sometimes may hint that the lever is adjusted wrong at the foot? Hence sticking rather than complete refusal when it occurs between 3rd and 4th, for example (doesn't matter what gear it is just seems luck of the draw).

I am shifting at low revs just because the roads are damp and would rather not use too much of the bikes power. Does the CBF hate being changed gear down low?

Any ideas?

EDIT: I did just attempt to wiggle the shaft where it goes into the bearing and there is quite a bit of movement, not sure if that's normal?


Title: Re: Shifting issues - where to look?
Post by: Art on 24 November, 2019, 10:57:30 PM
The clue is in the question, if the gear shift spindle has movement it needs to be inspected. Remove the gear shift cover and spindle to inspect the needle roller, gear shift spindle, and return spring.
Title: Re: Shifting issues - where to look?
Post by: NJD on 24 November, 2019, 11:54:28 PM
I found this thread...


.. which was helpful and while a different problem to mine basically has every possibility.

Interesting place to put a bearing, but relaxed a little know I now its more a serviceable component (if indeed it is that) rather than something expensive and internal.

Going to lubricate the joins on the two adjustment linkage rods first to see if that helps (the ball joints) and then will have to find the time, or a shop, that will do the inspection for me (outside mechanics on that scale at this time of year is difficult).

In regards to the movement its not all that much, unless you're saying yours has no movement at all? Found a video on another thread that shows a lot of slack caused by the MK1 oversized bearing (don't believe its that but the video was helpful).
Title: Re: Shifting issues - where to look?
Post by: Art on 25 November, 2019, 12:36:00 AM
Sound, check the simple stuff first. I pack those rubber boots and the gear lever bush with red rubber grease.

Title: Re: Shifting issues - where to look?
Post by: NJD on 26 November, 2019, 04:01:01 PM
There's a broken rubber boot on the bottom of the horizontal shift rod (the lowest one) that's been cable tied in place exposing the ball joint. I'd never known that those small balls needed lubricating as every bike I've had before has been straight onto the shaft. Shoved a whole bunch of red rubber in just that one and it seems to have calmed down. I've hit neutral a couple of times but no where near as bad as what it was.

I've put more emphasis on closing the throttle fully and taking longer to shift -- its possible I was being a little quick / aggressive -- and that seems to be helping. There's something that feels incredibly plastic about the throttle tube like it moves around a little (no actual issue just part quality).

I'll keep an eye on it but for now, and given I managed to do a semi trip without issue, I'd have to say its "solved."

*waits for the issue to return the moment this gets posted*  :015:

No to wonder why the bike wont start from cold on the sidestand despite the switch being cleaned on the stand, but I can live with that.

Thanks for replying Art.