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Title: HID fitted
Post by: 1madboiler on 21 October, 2013, 10:09:51 PM
After my recent stator failure and the dark nights I decided to try and help the  electrics and improve the lights, I have already put night breakers in but the initial impression is a marked improvement, I bought a 35w system off eBay and I've now got a 2nd ballast and bulb... Should I convert the main beam too or stick with the upgraded halogen due to warming up time? Oh and I made the mistake of looking at the hid bulb... Jeez it's bright :156:
Title: Re: HID fitted
Post by: Rev Ken on 22 October, 2013, 11:36:55 AM
It really depends on the type of night riding you do. I've got both HID converted as adfter that initial 'warm-up' period for the main beam it 'strikes' immediately thereafter. However if you spend all your time riding on dipped beam with just the rarest opportunity to use full beam, then perhaps it isn't worth it - but of course you'll find it less than impressive compared with your HID dipped beam!
Title: Re: HID fitted
Post by: johnstg2 on 22 October, 2013, 11:43:48 AM
When I had the Mk I with 2 x HID fitted I was disappointed with the high beam. Not because it wasn't bright enough but I felt the warm up time was too long. Also in "flash" mode you get photographic type flash then it's masked by the dipped beam due to warm up time.

When I got the Mk II i decided to leave the halogen in the high beam and upgraded only the dip to HID. I'm much happier with this set up, but that's just my view, I know others on here prefer the 2 x HID option.

It's your personal choice I suppose.