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Ermax lowers and hugger
Ermax lowes and hugger
 Views: 1059
Posted by Chelseafan
Apr 10, 2009
in Chelseafan

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 Views: 185
Posted by Trance-Elbow
Apr 13, 2016
in Trance-Elbow
 Views: 433
Posted by mattblyth
Jul 08, 2011
in mattblyth
Horn Wiring
When I fitted my new horn I used a relay (with a switched feed) to switch the extra current required. I triggered the relay from the original horn switch using all the original wires.

This is the circuit diagram.
 Views: 200
Posted by Trance-Elbow
Mar 22, 2016
in Trance-Elbow
 Views: 465
Posted by chilled
Jul 27, 2008
in Chilled
cbf 3
few pics of my biffer  :152:
 Views: 237
Posted by stevefmusic
Feb 24, 2016
in stevefmusic

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