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Lighting, Electrical, and Wiring / Re: Stator failed
« Last post by Jimav on Today at 08:06:09 AM »
Very Easy
Regulator Short Circuit destroys Alternator.

As "expert" said.
New Members / Re: New here
« Last post by Yudo on Yesterday at 09:37:50 PM »
Too nice to take it out for the first time in the wet. Have an XJ6 for that. 😁😁
New Members / Re: New here
« Last post by Philby21 on Yesterday at 09:34:25 PM »

I took mine for its MOT this morning in it, was a bit hairy over the Dee suspension bridge with the crosswind but only really got wet when it came time to take my gear off at the test centre.

Have to admit there were a few VERY large puddles I had to cross here and there!

Grand total of 345 miles since the last MOT  :019:
Technical Discussion - Non CBF / Re: Headphone speakers
« Last post by Philby21 on Yesterday at 09:23:06 PM »
I think the closest you're going to get to that is wireless earbuds, something like this:

Or these:

I have a set of the first ones for when I'm mowing the lawn as my Sony XM3s made my ears a bit "clammy" in hot weather.  Don't believe the claims about noise reduction though.  The ones that hook over your ears would probably be best though as you'll be much less likely to lose them when putting on or removing your helmet.
Herewith two pictures of the fuel filter even wehen already completely dry.
(when wet my hands were to dirty to make pictures)
But one can still see a little crosts of the dried in sludge

New Members / Re: New here
« Last post by Art on Yesterday at 02:44:27 PM »

Some people feel the rain. Others just get wet.
Lighting, Electrical, and Wiring / Re: Stator failed
« Last post by Art on Yesterday at 02:38:42 PM »
The confusion here is in describing the components.

The Alternator comprises of Stator, Flywheel, Regulator and Rectifier where the Regulator and Rectifier is a single sealed MOSFET R/R unit.

Unclear how a R/R would damage the Stator or how a Stator would damage a R/R.
New Members / New here
« Last post by Yudo on Yesterday at 12:58:20 PM »
Just taken delivery of a CBF1000 ABS 2006.

When will it stop raining so I can go and play?
Hello Biffers,

Despite only 44000kms on the dial,

Yesterday, I have taken my tank apart to replace the fuel pump.
Fuel pressure still OK, but I didn`t like to take the chance to end up along the road with a refusing pump.

The reason I wanted to change the pump was because the pump was getting loud, and I bought my bike second hand, where the previous owner was riding on E10 fuel.
I already heard of other CBF1000 `s needing a new pump due to E10.
Or, rather due to the moist attracted by the Ethanol in the E10 (and also in many E5 fuels for that matter)

Taking things apart, I noticed that the filter was just swimming in sludge. :087:
There is a kind of rubber hood around the filter, where the filter is pressed against the bottom of this.
At the bottom was a puddle of sludge, with the filter swimming in there. :156:

So, first thing that comes to mind: In case trouble that could be due to fuel : Check and/or clean the fuel filter (better replace it with a new one) :028:

Well, I did read articles in technical automotive workshop magazines about E10, and the mess it causes.
The story is that the ethanol in the E10 (and many E5) do attract moist, ending up in a puddle of water at the tank bottom
That is not so bad, wasn`t it that in the water specific bacteria like to thrive and cause the forming of kind of sludge in there.
That sludge causes contamination further on in your fuel system when sucked up by the fuel pump.
Even the injectors have a habbit to faul up due to this, ruining mileage at first, up to bikes refusing to start after that.

Next to that, the water will ruin your fuel pump, due to causing rust and lack of lubrication. (pump sucks from lowest place in the tank, there were any water ends up.

Well, now I have seen the result first hand.
The original filter is made out of some kind of unwoven fabric, which is difficult to clean. The sludge (bacteria) are deep in the fabric.
Best solution is to replace with new.

Well, I`ve got a new pump and filter in there now.
Coming days will tell if I can notice in driving.

And now don`t come and bug me with being stupid using the expensive fuel instead of the cheap E10.
Just ask your workshop the price for a fuel pump replacement ....... :005:

Items Wanted / Re: pillion grab handles
« Last post by paul.chucky on Yesterday at 11:48:20 AM »
yeah cheers i got some off scootyman   

Thanks Paul
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