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Lighting, Electrical, and Wiring / Re: Pathetic standard Horn
« Last post by Billybiro1 on Today at 04:32:31 PM »
Horn all sorted, you can hear me now. :046:
Many thanks,Art.Will try that soonest & advise outcome. Ed. :028:
Manually pulling and pushing on the forks/wheel by hand applies nothing like the force of a suspension compressing, nose dive stop. With the motorcycle on the centre stand slowly turn the handlebar left and right several times, if it feels perfectly smooth then a nip on the headstock bearing adjuster nut may be all that is required. The adjusting nut needs a nip as the headstock bearings wear, often ignored and left until the bearing becomes notchy and requires replacement.
Items Wanted / 2006 MK1 compatible panniers and rails wanted
« Last post by wallace 2488 on 26 June, 2022, 07:37:09 PM »
Hi . I'm looking for pannier rails and panniers to fit a MK1 2006 model , colour does not matter , but with keys ,
thanks John
Thanks,Mate.Have been pulling on the forks at all angles thinking that must be the problem but can feel no play.Was never good at pulling At 18 so probably even worse now at 75 so will try harder.Will keep you updated .Ed :031:
Just a guess, but steering head bearings worn? I had same symptom when mine started going. A mysterious knock/clunk when forks dived, most noticeable on heavy braking. Ditto but more muted after new bearing fitted, but it just needed re-torquing after a few miles bedding in. Dealer retorqued and no issues. Hope itís that simple for you.
Hi All .Have checked all I can think of at front end but have not pinned this down.
All contributions gratefully received . :027:Ed.
New Members / Re: Newbie from Sunny Scotland
« Last post by RTB1000 on 26 June, 2022, 03:34:19 PM »
Cheers Fliz
New Members / Re: Newbie from Sunny Scotland
« Last post by FLIZ on 26 June, 2022, 10:37:13 AM »
 Hello and  :405: Great bike, enjoy.  :031:
New Members / Newbie from Sunny Scotland
« Last post by RTB1000 on 26 June, 2022, 09:15:32 AM »
Hi all,
Just bought myself a beautiful brand new (2007) black CBF with 6500 miles on it!!
My KTM 990, way too big and heavy, was stolen in September last year and sadly I was insured by MCE who went bust the next week. Finally paid out via FSCS so was able to buy the bike that nine months of research lead me to.
Only ridden 85 motorway miles so far and I love it already.
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