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Longer Mirrors
These are mirrors for a CB 1300 which have longer stems. I found I had to use the original mounts or the angle of the mirrors were out
 Views: 710
Posted by spinspin
Jun 17, 2020
in spinspin
LED headlight upgrade
Final look with both bulbs installed (Hi-beam is on as well) I had previously installed LED sidelights as well. Total power consumption is 50w rather than 110w so it may be wise to install a lower rated fuse. Also bear in mind that the regulator / rectifier may run hotter as well.
 Views: 736
Posted by spinspin
Jun 10, 2020
in spinspin
LED headlight upgrade
Remove and install shroud in to headlight assembly before installing the headlight, this twist allows the headlight to be adjusted in order to obtain the correct pattern. Don't try to install all as one unit or the retaining clip will become stuck in the cooling fins.
 Views: 708
Posted by spinspin
Jun 10, 2020
in spinspin
LED headlight upgrade
Size difference between a standard H7 bulb and a Novsight H7 LED bulb. Despite the size difference it does fit neatly behind the rubber on a Mk1
 Views: 707
Posted by spinspin
Jun 10, 2020
in spinspin
NHA95 Silver Sword Metallic
 Views: 579
Posted by jm2
May 21, 2020
in jm2

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Sat Nav
Have a look - Peaklife - 3.5 Inch Weatherproof Motorcycle/bike/car GPS Navigator (All Terrain Edition) GPS35M - In Amazon.
 Views: 440
Posted by Andys62
Aug 03, 2013
in Andys62
Going on a whale watching ride
 Views: 643
Posted by java
Aug 25, 2011
in Java
2013/03/17 West Bay Route from Exeter
 Views: 1370
Posted by Arcarius
Mar 17, 2013
in Arcarius
 Views: 800
Posted by jverlaan
Oct 17, 2011
in Jverlaan
16 Granada
 Views: 294
Posted by kleopapas
Aug 11, 2014
in Kleopapas

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