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Tyres and Wheels / Re: michelin road 5 tyres
« Last post by RICKI on Yesterday at 11:35:32 PM »
Hi all went and took my cbf for its M O T last Friday, and the tester pulled me to one side and told me that the front and rear tyres are bouncing on the rollers and your front and rear tyres as got uneven wear on  both tyres, tyres were 36 front and 42 rear the road 5s only done 3500 miles. so took my bike in to the suppler  they are sending them back for testing, so in the mean time im on Michelin pilot power 2, had to pay £200 so i hope i get reimbursed for the PR 5s .good tyres when i first got them but not fit for purpose now. :151:
Tyres and Wheels / Re: Tyre levers and bead breakers
« Last post by Scootyman on Yesterday at 09:59:58 PM »
I change the tyres on my scooter which are of the tubeless type and it can sometimes be one hell of a job to break the bead on them. I use a hand clamp that works in a similar way to a silicone gun and once I get it started, I use a tyre lever to wedge it off from its seat and then your away. I have a small 25 litre compressor which I use to re seat the new tyres. I take the valve core out and give it a good squirt of air which usually seats it properly first time. I live out in the sticks so itís handy having the equipment to do the job myself.
The tyre levers I use are the Motion pro ones with a ring spanner end and a pair of normal tyre levers which gives me a different option.
Iíve been toying with the idea of doing a set of tyres on the bike but wondering if it would be harder than the 16Ē scooter ones I change.
If so, Iíd leave it to the bike shop.
Suspension, Forks, Steering, and Chassis Set-up / Hugger to fit mk1
« Last post by Johncbfer on Yesterday at 09:42:25 PM »
Hi there I've been keeping my eyes peeled for a rear hugger, I do have a hugger but it needs repainted and some of the quotes I've been getting it would be cheaper to buy a new hugger. To widen the market for used huggers does the MK2 hugger fit the mark 1. My bike is 2007 in quasar silver metallic just in case anyone has a used one for sale or in faux carbon fibre, thanks in advance
CBF1000 - General Discussion / Re: Top box mounting plate
« Last post by Scootyman on Yesterday at 09:39:04 PM »
That is really good information to know, thank you for sharing that. I hadnít realised there was such a thing as a floating top box plate but it answers many questions Iíve had about fitting top boxes to both scooters and bikes. I had the very same issue with a Honda FES125 S-Wing. The front end seemed to go light and the handlebars definitely oscillated much worse than the CBF with a big box.
If I tour again this year, Iím going to scrap the top box and make up a bigger plywood rack to fit on top of the original Honda rack. I can strap bedding etc to that which is so much more practical than a box. That way I can keep the weight down too.
Great info, thanks again
CBF1000 - General Discussion / Re: Top box mounting plate
« Last post by Philby21 on Yesterday at 08:35:49 PM »
The genuine Honda mounting plate is a "floating" type, it moves slightly side to side, this eliminates the issues Scootyman refers to.  A friend with a CBF had exactly that issue, picked up a second hand Honda plate and box, issue never occurred again.

That was with a more streamlined top box than the Trekker too but still one of the larger (52l?) ones - something smaller and more rounded might be less of an issue.
New Members / Re: New member suffolk
« Last post by Toureymikeybikey on Yesterday at 06:11:59 PM »
Yes agreed, i dont mind any weather, though a bit hesitant with new tyres in a downpour tbf. I have the luxury of heated kit, which i bought so i could ride all year and because it was freezing on winter rides, did over 5000 the year before covid - whenever that was and i dont use the bike for work so all domestic pleasure rides. If you only ride when its sunny you only have a few months on it. Best i get my finger out and get on it! Lol
CBF1000 - General Discussion / Re: Top box mounting plate
« Last post by Davy on Yesterday at 05:00:41 PM »
Thanks for your reply. That's all great, good to know info.  :046:
New Members / Re: New member suffolk
« Last post by Art on Yesterday at 05:00:18 PM »
In and around Suffolk. The trip stats 114.7 miles, 3ľ hours in the saddle, average speed 34 mph, max speed censored. Yes it rained, it absolutely poured down on the A12 with poor visibility to boot, did we get wet? Only on the outside.

Happy days
CBF1000 - General Discussion / Re: Top box mounting plate
« Last post by Scootyman on Yesterday at 12:10:49 PM »
By the way..... I took the Givi Trekker box off after a while as I felt it changed the handling of the bike. The front end went very light when loaded and the handlebars oscillated left and right when you let go of the bars. That box was too big and heavy for a Biffer in my opinion.
CBF1000 - General Discussion / Re: Top box mounting plate
« Last post by Scootyman on Yesterday at 12:06:34 PM »
I used a Givi E251 universal mono key plate when I fitted a Givi Trekker 52 to my 2006 CBF. It bolted straight onto the Honda top box rack without issue.
Hope that helps.
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