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If the click is a constant fast clicking suspect a battery low voltage issue, the starter relay is switching on-off-on-off and the relay clicks each time it switches on and then immediately switches off due to low voltage then repeats. Fully charge the battery, test the battery, test the charging system.

If its a single dull knock type of click suspect the starter relay or the starter motor. Test the starter relay first, if that's OK test the starter motor.
I have a 2006 MKI ABS. In the past I've had starting problems which were usually due to a dying battery. This time it's different.

I always start the bike in vertical position, side stand up, holding the clutch (neutral sensor died years ago), no throttle at all. It does nothing except for a 'clack' sound like a relay being activated. Lights, odometer, etc stay on.

It happened yesterday during a short stop in my daily commute back home. 20 minutes earlier it started with no issue.
When it happened I was able to roll start it and get home. This morning same behaviour, I stayed at home because I didn't want to roll start again.

I have tested the battery with the engine off, 12.8V. I could go through Art's detailed post (https://www.cbf1000.com/index.php/topic,23401.0.html) if I roll start it again and put it on the centre stand for the engine-on tests if you think it's useful

It doesn't look like a stator problem (I changed the stator twice and I couldn't roll start the bike when it was dead)

I have tried with the replacement key just in case it was HISS related, with no success

Any advice on what it could be or more tests to perform? I recently moved to another town and I don't have yet a good mechanic spotted here.

Thanks in advance!
For Sale Board / Re: CBF 1000A Mk1 2008 4,200 miles
« Last post by iNCORRIGIBLE on 07 November, 2022, 07:19:29 pm »
Hi, hd Any possible movement on asking price possible please? Thanks ,Ed  :027:.Essex.
Cheers Guys, finally have the bike set up for touring next year.

The muffs make me look like a courier but keep them warm and negate the need for massive winter gloves.

Happy out  :190: :046:
 Moose1 them handle bar MITs look massive looks like you wear your bike, :087: :005: :156: :190: :405:
CBF1000 - General Discussion / Re: Handguards or wind deflectors
« Last post by thebudda08 on 06 November, 2022, 03:58:07 pm »
there was a little bit of cutting but that was just me otherwise easy to fit https://barkbusters.net/what-fits-my/honda/cbf1000-upto-2009/storm/single-point-mount
CBF1000 - General Discussion / Re: Handguards or wind deflectors
« Last post by mac1776 on 06 November, 2022, 03:37:07 pm »
Spot on thanks, what make are your handguards please?
For Sale Board / Re: CBF 1000A Mk1 2008 4,200 miles
« Last post by pedro on 06 November, 2022, 11:56:00 am »
Not in the market for one, but that looks to be one beautiful bike.
New Members / Re: Hellllooooooooooo
« Last post by Art on 06 November, 2022, 08:48:26 am »
Apologies, I see now and I do get it. I read the first review and skim read the second expecting it to be much of the same given the "A brilliant jack of all trades bike, Legendary Honda build quality and Detuned 'Blade engine isn't even that bad on fuel" bullet points. Schoolboy error on my part as its expected that a review on a face lift model would be more critical in part than it was on the new model. However, to put your quotes from the MCN review back into context.

"The detuned 06 fireblade engine isnít going to set the world on fire but its incredibly flexible, smooth power delivery and has enough grunt for two up touring and will send the new speedo past the 140mph mark[/b]."

"The ride and comfort is excellent and the new linked ABS are very effective, like riding with a safety net, ideal in the wet. Its only when you ride out of the bike past its design parameters will you get any complaints as the pegs start to scrape and the rear is a little soft."

When read in context hardly depicts a bland motorcycle and

"The frame is now aluminium but the wheels and suspension remain rather basic considering the new higher price tag."

is a quip on the price tag not the the wheels and suspension.

The SC58 meets my expectations of what a motorcycle should be, clearly you see the SC64 as a compromise. I've most recently had extended road tests on Honda's Africa Twin and NT1100, I could probably live with either but neither will do anything I want of a motorcycle that the CBF doesn't do. I'm not a material person and don't need the latest this, that and the other, while my CBF still does what it did out of the box its a keeper.

Enjoy yours, even though it's a compromise . Happy days
New Members / Re: Hellllooooooooooo
« Last post by NS400R on 05 November, 2022, 11:19:28 pm »

You really donít get it.  When MCN describe the engine as not going to set the world alight I might have thought youíd get it ( you need to read the review on the mk2).  The CBF really isnít an an exciting machine.  100bhp was big news back in 1979.  In 1992 the CBR600F2 had 100bhp with far lower weight.  Now, 100bhp is almost beginner territory.  Add an overweight chassis, basic suspension and the overall impression is bland.  Somewhat ill handling when you add in the well known slapping issue.  The CBF is what we called a UJM many years ago.  Clearly your reference different.  Sports tourer 🤦‍♂️

Capable UJM  for road use and for track day training in the hands of professionals that ride the smooth Donington Park day in day out.  Iíve done the Haslam school.  As a novice you have no idea where you are going. Three 15 minute sessions merely scratch the surface.  But I learnt a lot.  But hey some fool is going declare the CBF the equivalent of the CBR 🤦‍♂️

Sorry fella to piss on your parade.  I think you need to test ride a modern bike as you clearly are out of touch.
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