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*Originally Posted by Thiss [+]

A dealer said it was an engine out job
Dealer advice should be your last resource

*Originally Posted by Honda Workshop Manual


This section covers the transmission and gearshift linkage service. These service can be done engine installed in the frame.

Maybe have a copy of Section 12 of the Workshop Manual to hand.

As above start with easy and remove the gear lever to gear shift spindle linkage to lubricate first, there are two pivot points and 4 ball joints to lubricate. Take care when refitting the pivot bolts, the Honda torque specification is 27 Nm which in my experience can strip out the aluminum threads, it's an easy enough fix to helicoil but an extra job you could probably do without. My preference is to thoroughly clean the pivot bolt threads, apply medium strength Loctite 243 threadlocker and just nip them up to maybe 15 or 20 Nm and then leave for 24 hours before riding for the Loctite to fully cure.
I think he meant he found the forum to be user unfriendly not the forum users. However, how anyone can miss the 'New Members Section' and Big Bear's 'New Members Read Me' thread or the 'Suspension, Forks, Steering and Chassis Set Up' Section beggars belief, I'll put it down to frustration and maybe English is not the posters first language so I'll offer a clue...

If I was a gambling man I'd wager you have a large top box!

Items Wanted / Re: Engine wanted for MK 1 , 2006 era
« Last post by Chappeurz on Yesterday at 10:45:13 PM »
Thanks Philby 21, We were in flint over the weekend. My buddy + his wife live there . Often go visiting them .
Looks like water dripping from the front of the head gasket area. Having it looked at next week sometime, when Dan is back off holidays. Fairly high miles, so hopefully he can repair it. I've been searching for a replacement engine whilst he's on hols.
Few comments on here, and good info from Art, so my plan of action is started. Luckily , my other bike is still running well, Regards , Dave
General Maintenance, Servicing, and Mechanical / Re: Canít change down gears
« Last post by jm2 on Yesterday at 10:22:14 PM »
Could be many things but start with the simplest.

Take off all the level mechanism completely and grease the knuckle joints (2) and clean and regrease the lever pivot then you'll know that is good and not causing 'lack of maintenance' issues.

It'll also be worth checking the drive chain is free, lubed and correctly adjusted (enough free play).

Go from there, do those and reply back.
General Maintenance, Servicing, and Mechanical / Re: Handlebar / bike wobbling
« Last post by jm2 on Yesterday at 10:17:55 PM »
Here's an unfriendly reply for you then.

It is more usual to introduce yourself first, rather than wade in saying we're unfriendly and I want an answer to my problem.
We know you've only joined because you have a problem (a lot do) but if you are nice we might be too.
In truth we are not unfriendly but opening posts like that aren't going to help.

I'll leave you with; the 'search' function here is reasonable and free too. 
Items Wanted / Re: Engine wanted for MK 1 , 2006 era
« Last post by Philby21 on Yesterday at 09:14:53 PM »
We definitely need more information on this, as others have said it's unusual for a head gasket to fail and if it has, depending on the cause it can be a case of just changing the gasket, possibly having the head skimmed too.  Both options are likely to be considerably cheaper than a decent replacement engine.

If you're in a position to get the bike to another mechanic then I hear good things about Guy's in Kinmel Bay but if you don't mind travelling further then I would highly recommend Two Wheel Workshop in Ellesmere Port, pretty much the only place I trust with any of my bikes (or the wife's).

Sorry to say but Iím looking for some help and this site is so user unfriendly I cannot find anywhere to write my query!!

I will write here hoping someone will guide me through!!

I have a 2008 Honda CBF1000 with only 16,000 miles on the clock. I am not used to let go off the handlebar whilst driving but I did it last week and the bike wobbled violently. I donít think itís normal, but for the boys who have one is surely easy to answer!!

Many thanks

General Maintenance, Servicing, and Mechanical / Canít change down gears
« Last post by Thiss on Yesterday at 05:40:48 PM »
2009 model.

My son Ďborrowedí my bike about three years ago when he started commuting and Iíve not sat on it since.

Turns out itís now broken so all of a sudden it seems itís mine again - kids eh !

Apparently it will change up through the gears ok but not down usually. Lever moves but no one at home. He can get back to neutral if itís on the stand with the back wheel spinning but presumably no weight on it.  Iíll pop over at the weekend to kick the tyres and moan how unkept it looks but have no idea whatís the matter.    A mate says Hondas are known for gear selector issues.  A dealer said it was an engine out job and heíd be better off looking for a replacement !

Limited info at moment, but anyone had similar issues ?

Items Wanted / Re: Engine wanted for MK 1 , 2006 era
« Last post by jm2 on Yesterday at 03:27:49 PM »
Likewise think it is rare (has anyone had one?) to loose a head gasket. 
I wonder if it is a cam cover gasket.  A couple of those have gone with explosive stators.  No biggy and you can do other checks whilst those covers are off.

Is there actually an oil leak, and where was it visible ?
What, actually, happend ?
Items Wanted / Re: Engine wanted for MK 1 , 2006 era
« Last post by Art on Yesterday at 12:27:09 PM »
Out of curiosity I checked on the prices being asked for gasket sets and found this £90 Honda CBF1000 CBF 1000 2006 - 2012 Complete Gasket Kit on fleabay if that helps.
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