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Metzler Z8 replaces the already fantestic Z6 interact
« on: 27 August, 2010, 02:49:33 PM »
Metzeler keeps the ball rolling with new tyres with its Metzeler Roadtec Z8. Another one in the 'sport-touring' sector?

sorry for the translation.

Metzeler Z8

Anyone looking for a new tire, which should tend to know each other even when his motorcycle. Who knows his needs, saves time (in hospital) and money.

Candidate number one, I met a quiet day on the mountain. It was young and early in year and a day and used because no one but us two the track, I was the one who had to listen to his story. The season did not have a good start ready for him. The departure to the herb had not been his fault, this was solely and entirely with that look for "Fu # tires. On a warm February day, it must have had more than 5 degrees, the rear high-performance tire contact between his brand new 600 super athletes and the asphalt had broken off suddenly and unannounced. Insurance diagnosed a total loss (the motorcycle) and the Comprehensive pulled the innocent its consequences: A new # 1000 and never tire of a brand Fu.

Candidate number two is annoyed about the mileage of his Supersport tire. Once again every time he has thrown in a super athlete and replaced by a new, sportier tires mounted it, and finally we have to defend the reputation of a local mountain. On his European tours, the quick feet would always be mine immensely fast, he tells applied, no mileage would have the soft Schmarr'n.

Candidate 1 is simply a fool. Candidate 2 does not understand two things. That he not only has a choice at the motorcycle, but also in the tires. Supersport tires are not married to super athletes and not me tourers touring tire. Only the share count. It should by now be reached even in pathological cases, we think that every now and then about driving habits, and - and should ask themselves: Which tire is right for me?

GSX-R and GSX-R.
Honest Weight and many miles
against lightweight and much inclined,
112 Nm to 150 hp.
Common denominator:
Metzeler Z8.

Result after 600 total loss: New 1000

Many shy away from, then perform a self-analysis, because sometimes you come to a sobering conclusion. 'Aha, I put 10,000 km a year back on straight, so I need 3 sets Hypersportgummler. " Or: 'Perhaps the Racetec lukewarm for my tours with the GSX-R but not the ideals? "

Super-or Hyper Sport tires now have the challenging field of the ring-riding developed, where they can withstand a maximum acceleration, extreme slopes and high temperatures must. Here one forgets, first, that this performance is in the normal traffic hardly needs and secondly, that have the ring sport tour tire as it moves towards sportsmanship and nothing is possible, what you should not try anyway. A tire like the Z8 has the power curve from the 70-hp twin-tourer to 185-hp four-line Racing Bike tension. And even more. Kawasaki Z1000, Honda VFR1200F, BMW F800ST and K1300S, Honda Fireblade and Suzuki GSX-1250F - they all stand in joyful expectation and direction of the hotel.

It says be quick with the towel on the sunbed. With full intention I threw mine on the Suzuki GSX1250F. The helmet stuck on the left side mirror as the machete in the head of big game. Mine! The GSX-F is pure understatement. Behind the facade of a low put a nuclear reactor, which has shown the Alpine Masters last test of the German colleagues. The bench said 112 Nm at 3,500 trips to the crank. Switch from any location.

The helmet stuck on the left side mirror
such as the machete in the head of big game.

Even at the Z6 tire test two years ago on the Isle of Man and in the presence of large Helmut Dahne I preferred displacement and high speed torque and barrel organ. and reached for CB1300S. The fit to the island as the GSX-F to a brisk round of Salzburger Land. Here and there one comes into contact with a beautiful landscape and looks are not always confronted with perfect asphalt. Exactly where the Z8 a re-invigorated its qualities.

Already known is the multi-zone voltage technology, which allows the coils of the steel belt to produce various rubber compounds without higher grip on the flanks and more stability in the tire center. For even better ground the contact area compared to the Z6 has been increased by up to 8%. The new profile design in the form of the Greek letter "Pi" reduces the negative share of the front tire also at only 11% and that of the rear tire to 13%. So that the rain is still safe on the road have been incorporated into the center of curved grooves that take much of the water drainage.

11% negative profile front, 13% rear. 8% more contact area.

The Z8 is a round arched than its predecessor, making the Einlenkkräfte could be reduced by 5%. Especially in sports tourers with a longer wheelbase and greater weight as the GSX-F1250F, handling not just among their excels, a welcome aid. Entirely new is the higher side, the irregularities on the road surface absorbs better. But the tire not only has a greater self-absorption, it can also shorten the larger contact patch with the stopping distance.

The main focus was this time - in addition to improving performance in each area - to improve the performance over the entire life and in (almost) all weather conditions. With a new rubber compound that contains carbon and silicon elements of the nanoparticles, the tire can be especially under changing conditions from cold to warm or from wet to dry to keep the performance at a high level constant. The tread design on the other hand ensures that the performance is even more fully as if the tires already approaching the end of his life.

It would be presumptuous to say that I had all felt. I felt just how lightly the 258-pound motorcycle in the corners and bent the knee pads on the ground scraped. It did not escape me how comfortable it is even on a GSX-R750 a day may be on the road and I can safely say that I had not come in a dream that, for more grip, more inclined to demand and performance. All this combined with the highest mileage of all Metzeler tires. Who knows his needs, far more from life.

The Z8 Roadtec Interact is currently available in the following sizes: 120/70ZR17 front tires, 180/55ZR17 rear and 190/50ZR17 in. The sizes 160/60ZR17 and 190/55ZR17 on sale from September. The tire replaced transition its predecessor, the Roadtec Z6 Interact. In addition, the rear tire sizes are 180/55 and 190/55 produced in a "C-construction", these are specially adapted to the different technical characteristics of sport-touring machine with an unladen weight> (approximately) 240 kg. Shares on Metzeler website:
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