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Read and learn from the "Accident, Crash, and Incident Reports" in this board.

Contribute with your own experiences, but read this introduction before you just start blaming your idiotic counterpart  :233: . The purpose of these reports is to tell how you think you could have avoided the accident, so please try to report objectively about "what happened"  :084: and "lesson learned"  :oldie:. Reports like these are used systematically in the avionic world, so let us try to do this also here in our mc world?
I will give a first - kind of provocative - lecture here below, hoping that you will remember to evaluate critically your own role in your accident/incident:

Lesson Number One:
Nearly all traffic accidents have one thing in common: At least two idiots were involved. The one who makes the first fault and the one who does not see it coming in time and hence fails to prevent the accident.
Becoming the first type of idiot is easy - just go out on the road and shut down your brain like all the others. Avoiding to be the first type of idiot is impossible. We all make mistakes - we were born human.
Becoming the second type of idiot is also easy - just ride with brain shut down. Avoiding to be the second type of idiot is what this topic is all about. It requires that your brain actively registers and interprets all that happens around you, so you can predict and prevent the accident.
It takes time to learn to do this well - it is called experience - and it is the reason why some pay less in insurance than others, it is not just because they have more luck. Or as one of the best players on the national Danish football team once said when he was asked by a journalist if he was more lucky most other players: "it is funny that the more you train the more lucky you get".
Remember: Learning from others mistakes is less annoying than learning from your own.

The above text is a writeup of the post in which this board was first suggested and motivated. The following relates to this first introduction.

- I really mean that all participants in an accident need to reflect carefully over why they got involved. There is almost always something they could have done better.

- I do not claim that two idiots are needed to make an accident happen. My claim is that in most accidents you have two idiots. And please note that I say "most" - not "all".
I use the term "idiot" in a slightly provocative way I admit, in the hope that some of the lesser idiots - those who were not guilty by law - would start to speculate a little more about their own role in the accident and the events leading up to the accident. Maybee such speculations could save lives among the members of this forum?

- I once read that male drivers 20-25 years old statistically have 5 times higher accident rate than male drivers around 40-50. That does not mean that the older are 5 times more lucky. It means that they are 5 times more experienced, taking their timely precautions before things go bad.

Regards - and drive safefully   ... Fred  :002:
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