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Vlassishlk Re: Pictures(Help)
on: 04 April, 2008, 07:39:22 PM
 :158: Hi vlassis I can download your pictures but they take a long time, I think if I remember you told me how to do it last time , Can you tell me how I can view Quicker.
 I use windows XP

I know they will be good. :031:


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Re: Vlassishlk Re: Pictures(Help)
Reply #1 on: 16 April, 2008, 11:48:19 AM
Unfortunately all the photos are on a Linux web server I have at work with an  160kbps upload speed(20kB/s)  so that's why it takes so long. This line is currently being upgraded and if all goes well by the end of May the line will have upgraded to 700kbps (upload) so things will be better.
Since then
I have uploaded the Poros-Monemvasia photos using rapidshare so this will be faster

Download from HERE

Use the free version.
Wait a few seconds until the download screen appears

 Download the .rar file, uncompress with Windows rar and you're finished

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Re: Vlassishlk Re: Pictures(Help)
Reply #2 on: 16 April, 2008, 07:17:19 PM
 :169: You lucky lucky man vlassishlk to live and visit  such a beautiful place. I'm very envious.