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    Re: condensation
    Reply #10 on: 17 November, 2023, 10:03:01 pm
    17 November, 2023, 10:03:01 pm
    Hi Pedro
    I do have a nice big cover i've hardly used, but the puzzling bit is that it was in the shed all through last winter with never a stutter, since using the flooded engine procedure a few days ago we have had heavy rain for prolonged periods and not a hint of a problem with starting, which i have been doing every day as i fiddle about changing the coolant etc. I'm starting to think it was something else, dirt in the petrol maybe? cant think of anything else, i did recently put a bit of E10 in the tank after running exclusively on E5 while in portugal but cant think mixing those would be a problem, i've never heard that it would be and i'm sure ive done it before based on what's been available.
     Any way i'll take the cover thing onboard and thanks for that, bottom line is it now starts right on the button like it always has.