Author steering head bearing torque  (Read 12117 times)

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    steering head bearing torque
    on: 19 October, 2023, 12:58:17 pm
    19 October, 2023, 12:58:17 pm
    Hi all
    Changed my steering head bearings last year for all balls, old ones were notchy as hell and actually rusty when i got them out, checking them now,(and i now have a castellated socket to fit the adjuster,) using the 25nm torque specified in both the manuals i have, the bearings feel way too tight, the resistance to turning feels too much, i wondered if its the difference after old sloppy bearings for years. When i changed them last year i did it basically by feel on the fork legs, and ive had no clonking or problems in about 4000 miles. Does anyone stick rigidly (!) to the 25nm or is it possible that the all balls kit requires less for some reason? Everything i've ever read says slightly loose is better than too tight.