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    For the man who has everything
    on: 02 May, 2023, 12:42:52 pm
    02 May, 2023, 12:42:52 pm
    So it came to pass. I was chatting to my friend Craig ("Apparently the Gentleman is Scottish, M'Lud.") about him getting his eldest her first post-47HP test big bike (a Honda CB 500 IF you must know) and he told me the tale of going with her and his wife in tow to sort out a few things with the dealers, who specialise in Triumphs. While there he started sitting on various machines and thinking, “Mmmm….. this feels nice.” He faffed about so long that eventually his wife said in exasperation, “For God’s sake just buy the thing!” So he did. As you do.

    "So what was the test ride like?" I asked him.
    "Oh, I didn't test ride it, it just felt OK to sit on." He replied. :112:

    My how we laughed at that; I mean, what sort of bone-headed twit buys a bike without even having a test ride?

    Then he said he would have to sell his Honda VFR800 as he a) had 4 bikes already so his garage was getting a bit crowded and b) couldn’t get on with the VFR properly, or even (being a Scotch shortarse) get properly on it. Just for a laugh I said “What do you want for it”. “Oh, um, err I don’t know” he said “Mebbe 2250.”  “Sold” I replied. As you do. I mean, what sort of bone-headed twit buys a motorcycle without even having a test ride? :112:

    Impulse buying a VFR. (Sigh). It’s got a Bagster tank cover, Scottoiler, Givi rack, smart water, etc. etc. And a previous owner was a typical OCD engineer, having maintained a thorough XL speadsheet showing every penny he had spent on it. (Admit it; if you're an engineer you have done the same thing for at least one of your bikes.) Zut Alors! It's a cracking ride, even compared to the Biffer. The main difference is I feel the need to pull a lower gear on the Viffer, which is how you're supposed to ride the Biffer in any case. I test rode VFR 750s a few times in my life and had assumed the 800 was just a 750 with a bigger motor.  I have since discovered it has a redesigned Firestorm (remember them?) chassis; I have ridden 'storms a few time as well and remember the chassis as much more competent than myself, with superb handling. However, unlike the 'storm where you feel you are sitting on top of the bike rather than in it, the Viffer has very comfy ergonomics.
    The only trouble is that I keep looking at, and riding, the Biffer and I cann't really bring myself to sell it. I have never owned any motorcycle for the same length of time in my life.

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    Re: For the man who has everything
    Reply #1 on: 02 May, 2023, 03:48:04 pm
    02 May, 2023, 03:48:04 pm
    Does the Scottoiler come in cans of six, or am I thinking of something else.