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    Re: CBF Winter Project: Bike with engine woes **UPDATE**
    Reply #20 on: 27 December, 2023, 03:55:41 pm
    27 December, 2023, 03:55:41 pm
    I thought I'd write a little update on my CBF1000 journey following a successful rebuild of the bike over the winter of 2022/23.
    With the bike successfully built and appearing to be running fine I started by doing gentle rides around where I live in April this year. Luckily its mainly all countryside so I could just pootle along taking it easy, gentle throttle, getting up to temperature, checking the brakes and that kind of thing, pretty much like running an engine in, which in many respects thats exactly what it was. As confidence grew I ventured further afield or did more laps of the area, but never getting more than 10 miles from home. After about two weeks I felt she was ready to go on a decent run, still taking it easy but getting some miles under the belt, at this point the mileage was 65814. That first weekend ride (from the East Midlands) took me to New York and Ramsgate, admittedly both are in Lincolnshire, but it sounds good. The following weekend into the Cotswolds and Hereford, and with a good few hundred miles covered it became apparent, a) the CBF is a competent mile muncher, frugal and easy to ride, and b) Christ on a bike, that rear shock is past its best and needs replacing. 
    Otherwise, things like oil and coolant remained where they should be and everything seemed to work as it should. The tyres were near the end of their life, road noise seemed excessive with them, so I bought online some Pirelli Angel GTs, I have them on other bikes and I'm more than happy with their performance.
    A new job then restricted my bike riding to weekends only but on the plus side May was looming and had a number of Bank Holiday weekends lined up. With rides to Weston Super Mare & Builth Wells I soon exceeded 66k miles and towards the end of May I went for the MOT in preparation for a trip abroad over one of the long weekends. The plan was to go over to France and then head east towards the France/Belgium/Luxembourg border for no other reason than I've never been before and it looks like nice countryside roads.
    I left home one Friday afternoon and joined the queue on the M1 south, this didn't bother me too much as I'd left plenty of time to get to Folkstone and the slow progress was gentler on the bike, plus I knew once over the water there'd be none of this nonsense. I was pretty much last minute at the tunnel so straight on board and in Calais a short while after. With the first stay was in a hotel only20 mins away the bike was parked up and I beamed like a mad man, happy and content in getting this far. Day 2 was only about 150 miles so again took it easy, a lot of D roads and stops just to take in the views, but I had noticed a funny noise coming from the driveline, a clatter or rattle at low speeds or when slowing down. I kind of convinced myself the front sprocket was loose, going over and over in my mind about when I was refitting it. Even worse, it dawned on me I hadn't took out any breakdown cover, it didn't enter my mind as I was too excited about going on the trip. A brief stop in a McDonalds and on their WiFi had this soon sorted, covered from today until getting home. I pushed on regardless, making the hotel with no issues. Day 3 saw me riding a similar distance through the Parc Naturel Regional des Ardennes and into Luxembourg. One thing I will take away from Luxembourg was how nice the roads were, I crossed from Belgium in Luxembourg and the switch in road surface and condition was amazing. I'll definitely be going back. As ever, the last day is a big one, all the way back to Calais with as little Toll road and motorways as possible, a late crossing back into the UK and then a steady run home and hitting just over 68k miles.
    Every weekend I was out on the bike, into Wales one day, then somewhere in the opposite direction the next day. I finally got round to buying a YSS rear shock and fitting that and as a test run I did a cheeky one night camping trip to Lyme Regis. Much much better. Not many weeks after I also fitted new chain and sprockets, nothing ever did come of that noise in France but I thought a change would be money well spent. The next spend was having the wheels refurbished in gloss black before having the tyres (that I'd bought previously) fitted. I do like the look, what do you think ? By now it's August, I'm at about 69k miles and I'm not even giving a second thought to the rebuild, I'm just purely enjoying every ride I go on. The CBF is such a relaxing bike, easy to ride and now comfortable. But one ride out to Skegness & Mabelthorpe had me thinking the bike sounded a bit louder than before, sure enough the nearside exhaust had rotted through where the silencer joins onto the collector.
    Now you have to remember, for me summer months are for riding, winter months are for maintenance and fixing, don't judge me. I had a friend make up a bung for the gaping hole in the exhaust, the bike is very MKII-esque now, a cyclops, but I'm still on the road with no adverse effects noticed. As a test ride I rode the old route of the A5 from Hinckley to London, and immediately regretted it when I hit London. That place is nuts, even on a bike I was stuck and lost. As I write this I'm trying to finally arrange a repair the downpipes, I want my twin silencer look back.
    My last ride on the CBF was late September, a sudden heatwave could not be ignored, now she sits in the garage undergoing some winter tlc.
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    Re: CBF Winter Project: Bike with engine woes
    Reply #21 on: 28 December, 2023, 08:31:10 pm
    28 December, 2023, 08:31:10 pm
    I too are in the process of repairing the rotten pipe .rad off to give clearance  lots of plus gas on downpipe nuts although my studs  came out instead :003:
    The lambda is a pain to get out I had to disconnect  the cable from the ECU and thread a ring spanner over the top and hit it with a hammer.
    Although in hind sight I probably could  have left it in because with the cable free you can remove the down pipes 

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    Re: CBF Winter Project: Bike with engine woes
    Reply #22 on: 29 December, 2023, 08:20:44 am
    29 December, 2023, 08:20:44 am
    Happy days

    My 2006 SC58 is now on 71,642 miles after this years Winter Solstice 1,000 mile sortie down to Dover for sunrise and across to Lands End for sunset. Current issues none but mentioned here are two things on my mind:

    First, the rear shock, I only ever ride solo and it seems to be as good as ever although having rode with it on the 3rd notch for many years, it's now been on the 4th notch for a few years which seems to be about right but is an indication of wear. I wonder if I missed a trick last year when OEM Showa rear shock units were being offered at 75 by an Italian supplier with free post to the UK, no sign of any now :-(

    Second, the exhaust pipe to silencer connection. The issue here is the pipe corrodes with the clamps, I replaced the original factory clamps with Mikalor 40-43 mm W2 clamps 7 years back before they had any effect on the pipe, might be due a pair of Mikalor W4 clamps at the upcoming 72k service when I'll have a close up and personal inspection of the condition of the pipes.

    You guys should consider a proper road test by way of The RBLR 1000. The current tally of CBF1000's having completed The RBLR 1000 stands at 8 with another 6 completing similar IBA SS 1000 verified rides. I know it's not to everybody's cup of tea but it should at least be on your bucket list for one off attempt.