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    The 2022 IBA UK Brit Butt Tour
    on: 22 October, 2022, 02:51:45 pm
    22 October, 2022, 02:51:45 pm
    What did you do with your motorcycle this summer? Apart from commuting on it, cleaning it and admiring it down at your local bike meet. I did all that and then some, completing the IBA 2022 Brit Butt Tour

    It was a rally style tour around UK organised by the IBA UK but you don't have to member to take part. Start when you like, finish when you like, collect as many or as few of the bonuses as you want between 1st January and 31st October. The idea is to get you out and about riding your motorcycle around the UK to places you might not otherwise go to. This years tour had a naughty theme with bonus locations from Twatt on the Orkney Islands to Mousehole in Cornwall with another 67 locations in between.

    For me that amounted to 16 days spread out over 4 months between July and October and covering 5,000 miles with only 600 motorway miles. Nights out were a mix of camping, airbnb and Travelodges. The motorcycle performed well averaging 54 mpg, suffering one puncture and a flat battery but nothing that I wasn't able to sort roadside in less than hour and be on my way.

    Next years theme is UK Castles.

    Happy days
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