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    Spain/Portugal June '22
    on: 09 July, 2022, 02:42:36 pm
    09 July, 2022, 02:42:36 pm
    Not long come back from three weeks, 3600 mile trip down through Portugal,  around Andalucia   back up through Portugal and a few days in the Picos.
    Stayed in Paradors and Pousadas, arriving around 15.00 each day and ready for a swim.
    The temperature in Cordoba was 44 but you cope.
    Avoided motorways and stayed on the twisties.
    The bike couldn't really be faulted although I would have preferred Cruise Control and, funnily enough, the throaty sound of my Arrow exhaust got on my nerves at times.
    I averaged 60mpg. I had two full Honda panniers and top box. I gave the chain a spray of wax half way around. The bike used no oil........ Mine was the only biffer around.

    Meeting people,
    Some great food,
    The mountains,
    An Eagle gliding in and picking up a road kill right in front of me,
    The bike,

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    Re: Spain/Portugal June '22
    Reply #1 on: 09 July, 2022, 04:45:39 pm
    09 July, 2022, 04:45:39 pm
    Happy days

    My riding companions mostly tend to ride GSAs there's a few on Tigers and Africa Twins which leaves me as odd man out on an aging 'Used & Abused' CBF (apologies to Longside who joined me on the RBLR1000 this year making up a compliment of two CBF 1000's, both SC58's too, among 170 motorcycles). The thing is it always seems to be the GSAs, Tigers and and Africa Twins that need fettling on the road side.