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Hi, appreciate many threads and have found much valuable already (which is why I just joined and am probably about to buy one!) but any specific comments/input welcome.

About me and my need:
Am 6í, 50, reasonably athletic, new ish to biking as when younger thought if I rode as fast as I drove it wouldnít end well. Recently got a Piaggio MP3 500 to commute into London, modified with variator weights and airbox to get a bit more power but now hooked on bikes and want something decent to do 100 mile motorway journeys comfortably so I prefer to go by bike to car unless the weather is horrible (MP3 flat out at about 85 mph, ok but not much fun on M25 journeys) and still be good squeezing through tight London traffic, preferably even in s**tty weather.

As my wife is averse and Iím time poor have surfed and talked to friends more than tried and obviously will try out but refining search first.

Considered vfr800- friend who has raves and almost bought one yesterday but then he sold but reviews and position suggest maybe too uncomfortable for longer journeys, want more upright.
Vfr800 crosstourer - probably not bad nice sound but reviews suggest lower down torque of cbf1000 Will make it more relaxed
CBR1100xx - I really want one, think it will be ideal for motorway, but think riding position and weight may take fun away in town. Fear if I go and take one out I will just buy it and regret sitting in London traffic, have addiction to speed Iím trying to cure.
Deauville- prob very comfy, ok around town, may be a bit underpowered on motorway, if it had 80hp rather than 60 would probably be perfect, but want to be able to overtake rapidly on A roads and feel relaxed at 80-90mph
Nct750x - good, economical, like dct for town, a bit boring, slightly underpowered and a bit more expensive
Africa twin dct- great, like dct, a bit more expensive
Some left field ones
Gilera GP800- great weather protection and probably good round town and at 90 mph, unusual and twist and go great for town but not the same thing and prob not so good on motorway, maybe less reliable but itís actually high on my list
Bmw c650gt similar to gp800

I have no shame in liking twist and go or dct for making way through slow London traffic and letting me have both feet free and not working left hand.

Cbf1000 looks like the favoured candidate, read about electrical issues. Should I get a mk1 or mk2, few mk2 and more expensive, is it worth it.

Ideally like to spend £2-3k or less will need to spend £3-4K for mk2, could spend more.

Interested in noise/buffet (what screen I should get) and weather protection at 80-90mph and ability to squeeze through narrow gaps in slow traffic (planning to get with full luggage but use top box only for town).

Any advice/feedback gratefully received.


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I was not happy with my Deauville and glad it went. Ugly, underpowered and wide seat splayed my legs out.
This is my second mk2 cbf1000 and love it and I'm about to do 4000 miles around Spain/Portugal on it with the side panniers and top box. It's comfortable,  quick, frugal and, in my eyes, a better looking bike than the mk1.
I have an Arrow exhaust, Puig touring screen and a Pyramid rear hugger.
I have a 30" leg and I'm flat footed on it. An Africa Twin would be too tall for me like a number of bikes. The vfr will hurt your wrists, neck and back due to forward lean.
It might be worth giving the NCT750 dct a test ride but you wouldn't be disappointed with the cbf1000. The only thing I'd change, due to touring, would be to have cruise control but I live without it.
For a low mileage mk2 you'll be spending £5000+ , though you may be lucky.
All mk2's are more or less the same so don't worry about changes each year.
You'll find a very nice mk1 also, I'm sure, as they are great bikes. I haven't owned one but have ridden one.
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I had a Mk1 for 7 years. Best bike in over 60 years riding in my opinion.  :020: I didn't have the stator problem, but when touring overseas I took one with me as a spare. (It came in handy for another rider!) :028: Several pattern versions, and not too expensive. Some of us never had any trouble, one or two in this forum seemed to get a series of failures, suggesting not all the stars were aligned for them. :087: Seat is adjustable for height, and the bike pulls like a tractor. :152: (Should I admit this on  the forum?????)  I needed bars lifted as I have a curved back, but most find it comfortable as it is. Just try one! :028:

Screens are a personal choice. I had a defector on top of mine, but can't remember the make of screen, probably a Givi. I also had to cut it down to see over it, but you won't have that problem! :001:

ENJOY! :031:
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Thanks for comments. Iíve decided to go for an economical and sensible option and buy a Honda NC750X DCT. As it happens Iím buying it from a guy who also has a CBF1000.
He reckons the NC750X is much better around town, fine up to about 100mph (obviously not as quick getting there) and despite people calling them boring is fun to ride, the CBF is obviously better for 2 up and for faster riding.
Since Iíll be one up and a lot in town and want to resist temptation to lose my licence Iím going for the sensible option for now.