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Quick ?
on: 20 April, 2022, 03:05:49 AM
Regarding buying...
2007, only 14000km but no accessories ($5k)
2012, 55000 km but what i'd call loaded...ggivi v35 panniers , top box,crash bars, Mra windsheild etc...$1500 more($6.5k Canadian)
Havnt asked about cost on either but neither said firm.
I'm liking the more expensive one, but is that to much more considering the km's?
Theres also a low km 1250 bandit(can i say that here)in the running, but really liking the cbf ...and no havnt been on either(any)...bikes are hours away. For the last 6 years only been ridinga a drz400. Last plus 500cc bike i owned was over 30 years ago Gpz 550.


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Re: Quick ?
Reply #1 on: 20 April, 2022, 11:48:35 AM
Asking prices for used motorcycles fluctuate wildly, especially if comparing dealer prices with private sales. Here in the UK I'd tell a prospective buyer to check AutoTrader Bikes for price comparisons but note the advertised prices are offer prices, sold prices will be less. Maybe you have some similar publication in Canada.

Typically here in the UK you could haggle with a dealer to reduce the price, or include some extras, up to 10% of the asking price depending on time of year etc. Watch out for private sellers asking for trade prices, here in the UK purchases from dealers are protected by Law and have to be prepared for sale, roadworthy and suitability fit for purpose which means that if you tell the dealer you want a sports tourer it has to be good for that. Private sales are always 'sold as seen' hence they'll have lower asking prices.

The thing to watch out for with CBF1000's is late registered SC58's being palmed off at SC64's prices!


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Re: Quick ?
Reply #2 on: 23 April, 2022, 07:29:55 PM
I've seen both those bikes on Kijiji (do you mean the red 2009? I don't think 2007 model was available in Canada).

For reference I bought a 2011 with 27k kms recently with back case, higher windscreen, heated grips for $5600. I avoided pre-2010 due to the known stator issue.

Accessories are hard to find for this bike here in Canada so if that is important to you, and you want to avoid the possibility of stator failure, go for the newer one. Everything I read says these bikes will do lots of kms reliably for a long time.

If price and lower kms are important, go for the red one. Many folks say the stator issue is overblown and is an easy change anyway.

Good luck and let us know what you decide.
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Re: Quick ?
Reply #3 on: 24 April, 2022, 03:35:43 PM
Yes,it was an 09...07 is the bandit
Thanks for the price info and the stator info,not a deal breaker but good to know.
I sold my bike yesterday so bikeless for the first time in many years. To many to look at, even thinking of an old 83 v65 magna...