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    Re: New Honda NT1100
    Reply #10 on: 16 November, 2021, 10:35:44 am
    16 November, 2021, 10:35:44 am
    *Originally Posted by Art [+]
    When changing motorcycles I go through the tick boxes, the likes, dislikes, not interested in and would be better withs. Then there's the big question "what does it offer that my SC58 doesn't"?

    Likes - familiar looks, cruise control
    Dislikes - 865mm wide (that's a real deal breaker for me, pannier laden motorcycles that are too wide to filter on our busy UK roads)
    Not interested in - DCT automatic transmission, 6.5 TFT colour LCD dashboard, Apple CarPlay, Android Auto media, Bluetooth smartphone connection, five rider power modes, traction and wheelie control, quick shifter.
    Would be better with - lighter kerb weight, longer (350+ miles) fuel tank range, comfort seat for long distance riding, slim line (max 700 mm wide) panniers
    In conclusion it's not for me, certainly not worth 13,000 of my hard earned over what I already have in my trusty SC58 which remains perfectly serviceable with more miles left in it than I have motorcycling years left in me.

    i agree with you...a two paraller bike is wider than an inline four...there is no reason