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Re: E10 Petrol
Reply #10 on: 18 October, 2021, 07:14:13 AM
Down here  a local shop already had to replace the fuel pump on two biffers due to E10. :005:
Not such a cheap happening. Using OE parts, this will set you back for approx 1000 Euro including work.
Although to be exact not due to the E10, but due to the moist that the ethanol part of the E10 attracts.
Such moist collects to a sour water puddle at the bottom of your tank, exactly there where the pump gets his fuel from.
Since the pump uses the fuel for its own lubrication, it will not get happy from water, let alone sour water. :003:

But anyway, E10 looks nice at the tap, price wise right ? :046:
And as long as nothing breaks down, no worry. :047:
Time to worry only after it breaks down. :087:
And till then the fuel was cheap right ? :062:

And what Honda says is correct. :187:
The E10 won't hurt your bike.
Its the moist, attracted by the E10.

I have seen many trouble cases due to E10. :012:
Also modern motors.
Motorcycles and cars.

I never tap anything holding ethanol anymore. :002:
But everyone their own fun ....