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Hello from sunny East Lothian
on: 26 July, 2021, 07:02:54 PM
Evening all. Just got a cracking silver CBF1000-A7 yesterday, after thinking that after 41yrs, my biking days were over for good.

I contracted a horrible bone cancer 3 yrs ago. Had my right hand pelvis, part of my spine and hip removed, so now I can only walk with the aid of crutches. My right leg is only attached by muscle, and I canít stand on it. On Friday i found out I could now bend my knee 90* backwards, so I thought Iíd try getting on my mates bike by standing on the left peg and sliding me bad leg over the seat, and I could! 😁 2 days later I bought the CBF. Itís a nice bike and very capable. I love the torque. Itís not far away from my XJR1300. My last bike was a Z1000SX, which was a missile, however too much of a sport riding position To be comfortable for me. The CBF is super comfy. I still have to grab my right leg and put it on the peg, but it worksÖ.for now. So if you see me on my CBF, in or around East Lothian, the Borders or Fife, Iíll have a big red rucksack on my back, for the folding crutches. Give me a wave 👋🏻 Once a biker, always a biker. Cheers guys, ride safe! 😎


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Re: Hello from sunny East Lothian
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Re: Hello from sunny East Lothian
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Happy days