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Emergency warning trials
on: 03 June, 2021, 11:21:14 PM
Just got my IAMRoadsmart monthly briefing and came across this

The government will be testing a new Emergency Alert system in two areas in the coming weeks. They started in East Suffolk on 25 May between 1pm and 2pm and will begin in Reading on the 15 June.

Emergency Alerts are messages sent to mobile phones within an area of risk. They donít need your location or phone number and will warn you about life-threatening emergencies such as severe flooding or terror attacks. Only the government and the emergency services can send them. When an alert is issued your phone will make a loud siren-like sound and show a message on your phone screen.

If your phone is on the Emergency Alert will appear on your device for 20 seconds and you will hear a loud siren-like sound for up to 10 seconds. You should continue to drive and not respond to the noise or attempt to pick up the mobile phone and deal with the message. This could be a distraction if you are driving and the government have asked us to share this information as widely as possible so that drivers and riders can be ready.

If it was 1st April I would have thought it was a hoax but it is genuine! If anybody gets one of these warnings, it would be interesting to hear their views.
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Re: Emergency warning trials
Reply #1 on: 03 June, 2021, 11:53:34 PM
Interesting heads-up Ken.

But I'm thinking this will only work (or cause you grief) if your phone handset has 'emergency alerts' enabled/switched on.

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