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2007 Honda CBF upgrades
on: 16 March, 2021, 08:02:18 PM
Hi all

I'm a new member to this site.

I have got a bit of money saved and want to buy some upgrades to my bike, what are good and sensible ones to do.

I have already bought some new end cans, which sound great


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Re: 2007 Honda CBF upgrades
Reply #1 on: 16 March, 2021, 08:48:44 PM
Hey mate!

Depends on what you're looking for. Try being a bit more specific, and I bet you'll get some great responses!

By the way, your question got posted in the "New Members" forum, might want to move it.

I'm also new, so I feel your pain!  :001:

Cheers and ride safe!
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Re: 2007 Honda CBF upgrades
Reply #2 on: 17 March, 2021, 12:21:02 PM

Aside from all the boxes the CBF1000 ticks as a sports tourer I've kept my 2006 A-6 for the ease in which it can be serviced and maintained at home without the need of any special tools or diagnostic equipment. If you haven't already you can download the Honda Workshop and Owners Manuals here, note there are some errors in the Honda workshop manuals so having a copy of the Haynes (4927) Manual to hand will be a good cross reference. Another plus is that all the CBF's are Euro3 complaint so, now that I've registered it with TfL, it's exempt from the about to be extended London ULEZ charge zone.

As for good and sensible upgrades I've found mine to be mostly good and sensible as is, the previous owner had upgraded the stock horn to a Stebel Magnum TM80 low note horn which, similar to but louder than the Denali Sound bomb, it can be heard. My first modification was an accessory harness to power the TomTom and DRL's, the harness also includes two USB sockets, a 12v accessory socket, a battery jumper cable and spare 12v feeds to future proof in the unlikely event of swapping my bar muffs for heated grips or the more likely chance of adding a heated vest to my winter attire. Next I added a top box and pannier rails, I've yet to add the panniers and I'm unsure if I ever will, every time I see a CBF with panniers I can't help thinking it's too wide. I do a fair bit of night riding and living in rural parts without on street lighting so I've added a pair of cheap as chips ebay LED lamps similar to these and converted the stock dipped beam to a HID bulb and ballast unit similar to this, I can see clearly now where I'm going! I did find the front forks a little soft, whether this was due to the stock 10W oil or something else I'm not sure, they've been fine since I replaced the oil with a 15W grade fork oil. When replacing the worn out stock Honda drive chain and sprockets I upgraded them to a DID 530VXG&B12ZB chain and JTF 333.16 & JTR 302.43 sprockets which have now covered twice the mileage of the low grade Honda kit and still have plenty to go.

Good and sensible aside other popular modifications you'll read about on here, and I distinguish here between upgrades and modifications, include: touring screens: gel seats; front fork springs/spacers; rear shock; 17 tooth front sprocket; braided brake hoses etc. I get the impression many of these modifications are modifications for the sake of modification rather than as an upgrade. Mostly offering very little or no real benefit over the stock set up, which I have found very serviceable and comfortable enough to spend 18 plus hours in the saddle on several SS1000 and RBLR1000 long distance rides. You'll also read of replacing the stock air and oil filters for K&N filters, my preference here is to replace with Hi-Flo filters (HFA1927 air, HF204 oil) which for my two penneth offer better filtration performance at a greater value for money. While we're on servicing bits and bobs, for the similar reasons of performance and value for money, my preferences are for Motul 5100 semi synthetic 10W/40 engine oil, Pagid DOT4 brake & clutch fluid, Triple QX red anti freeze & coolant and Brenta standard GG disc brake pads, which all meet or exceed Honda's, and other brands, maintenance specifications, performance and, important for me, are better value for money. Which all adds up to more hard earned available to spend on go go juice!

One upgrade I will be considering at the next service interval is replacing the NGK CR8EH-9 nickel/nickel spark plugs, which would have clocked up 32,000 miles since I replaced them last, with NGK's CR8EHIX-9 iridium/nickel spark plugs which NGK give a life cycle of 50,000 miles.