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hello from cornwall
on: 14 February, 2021, 12:38:53 PM
Hi everyone,
                I joined the forum back in 2014, I was seriously contemplating a cbf100 back then and went to our local Honda dealer to try out a used one. When I got there they had just taken an 1100 Pan European in as a part ex and long story short I bought it and never got to try the cbf.
I ran the Pan for 3-4 years and eventually sold it and picked up a TDM 850 in its place. I really like the TDM but its 25 years old now and parts are becoming harder to find, I thought about a TDM 900 but there aren't many around (we never seemed to take to them in the UK like they did in Europe) so I started looking at a replacement. I thought about a GS but having had a BMW r1100RT I didn't fancy going down that route again, I considered a Tiger 800, Versys 650 and 1000, but I keep coming back to the cbf1000. From what I've picked up from reviews and here on the forum, they seem like a good choice, plenty of them around, sensible money, not overly burdened with electronic "rider aids" and seems that they can be worked on by the average home mechanic. Hopefully I can get to test one in the near future and join the ranks of cbf owners


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Re: hello from cornwall
Reply #1 on: 14 February, 2021, 05:34:58 PM

The CBF 1000 is an excellent choice for a Sports Tourer that ticks many boxes in its class. One of the biggest boxes ticked for me is the ease in which both models (SC58 and SC64) can be serviced and maintained by the home mechanic without the need of any special tools or diagnostic equipment. If you haven't already you can download the Honda Workshop and Owners Manuals here.

It is also Euro3 and therefore ULEZ compliant, that's London's 12.50 a day Ultra Low Emission Zone charge which could well be on its way to Truro, Falmouth and/or or Penzance any time soon.

Happy Days


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Re: hello from cornwall
Reply #2 on: 16 February, 2021, 11:46:08 AM

I bought one of the last ones new in 2016. When it was 3 years old I had a look for a replacement Honda, I didn't fancy the Africa Twin, the new 1000 was too small and totally unsuitable for touring. The Suzuki 1250 seemed a little outdated. The Kawasaki SX1000 seemed the nearest equivalent but it was pricey and no local dealer. Plus Mrs T didn't like the pillion seat. (I personally don't like Triumph, BMW or Ducati, service and parts too dear). So I decided to keep my CBF and paid the balloon payment. The bike press never seemed to value them, with the exception of late Kevin Ash:

I also recall reading a bland review (may have been MCN?) that the CBF 1000 "Does everything 98% well," To me, as a 'real' road rider and tourer, any motorbike that does everything 98% well is good accolade. Wouldn't surprise me if the CBF ended up a future classic.