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Running too hot? Follow up
« on: 02 September, 2020, 11:04:33 AM »
Some time ago I posted a whingey kindof item regarding my Mark 1 2009 ABS CBF1000 running too hot. I feel I am duty bound to follow up with my post-repair experience. My symptoms were steam coming out from the radiator bay in large quantities, funny smells and general dissatisfaction. I replaced the radiator and a couple of months down the line the stator melted. My suspicions about the stator are pointed to the radiator which resulted in the temperature warning light coming on. The mechanic I used failed to diagnose the ratty rad and hence weeks of struggling with the bugger. This would not have been a healthy environment for an already old biffy stator. The replacement stator (spurious item) was installed incorrectly and the rectifier connector wire melted. The second stator was installed by a mechanic who had lots of Honda experience and it is still working happily after 3 months. Anyway it would seem my inexperience and gullibility when purchase my biffy from that piece of ........ :013: lead to my CBF1000 woes. Since changing the radiator and stator rectifier it has been the dream bike I had hoped it would be. No steam, no burning smells, just tork and good behaviour......fabulous machine. I have put on a road spray deflector extension on the front mudguard (thanks for the tip :046: CBF1000 forum). I will try to source a rad protector to delay replacement and will continue to be a happy biffy driver. One thing though. I havent put the thermostat back yet after taking it out to investigate the initial overheating issue. Is there any urgent need to do this? Also does anyone get the slightest hint of fuel fumes after riding for 30 mins? Just as an aside my Dianese galvastones although not generous enough around the beer bel.. around the waste kept me bone dry this morning in extremely heavy rain.  :028: