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TPS problems.
« on: 25 July, 2020, 02:30:54 PM »
Hello everybody. First of all, sorry for the level of my English, I'm not a native speaker :038:I've got a problem with my CBF 100A, 2008. The idling speed is supposed to be 1200 rpm +-100.
But when I start engine I hear some strange noises, like it's a bit "nervous", tachometer shows about 1500 while warming and then goes to 1050-1100. But once I open and close the throttle - engine speed drops to 950- 1000 rpm. Found a lot of information about TP adjustment. Output voltage at closed throttle was 0.36. Loosed the bolts, turned sensor and the voltmeter showed 0.5. Switched the ignition off, then turned on, slowly opened and closed the throttle, swiched off and on the initionm started the engine - and the idling speed dropped to 500-600 rpm...
Am I doing something wrong? Or TP sensor is yet dead? When I knock at the body of the sensor I can hear a noise - just as if a little spring doing "buzzzzzz". Hope for your help :003:

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Re: TPS problems.
« Reply #1 on: 25 July, 2020, 05:56:46 PM »
If there is a TP sensor fault I'd expect the PGM-FI system to throw up a Diagnostic Trouble Code. Are there any current or stored DTC's? The thread here explains how to read Diagnostic trouble Codes. If there is no code I'd reset the TP sensor to as it was before and carry out the engine idle speed inspection and then test the TP sensor as follows:

The procedure here is mostly explained in the Workshop Manuals. With the ignition on back probe the TP sensor connector
Check voltage supply from the ECM, yellow/red wire to ground, expect 5v with the throttle closed
Check signal return voltage to the ECM, red/yellow wire to ground, expect 0.3v with the throttle closed, expect a steady increase to 5v as the throttle is opened to full throttle.
Check continuity to ground in the Green/Orange wire.

The Workshop Manual Section 6 Fuel System (PGM-FI) may be your best friend here.


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