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Re: Performance Problem
« Reply #20 on: 24 June, 2020, 10:51:29 AM »
Art - you obviously haven't read or understood what has been written. Yes I have given them chance to take the lead on this and get it sorted but they haven't and now they know there's a more substantial fault have decided to ignore me. If they knew there was nothing wrong when sold or had the decency to want to rectify a faulty bike they'd sold why ignore me now? I contacted them at first and they said you can bring it to us (though they were shut at the time) or do it locally. Being hundreds of miles away and not knowing if they'd charge you for collecting the bike, what do you do?? And again, I was wary of taking it to someone who'd sold a bike with a fault in the first place, also being so far away once they'd got the bike there was the possiblity of them making it difficult to get back. Yes I tried to get it done locally though difficult when everywhere is shut (Wales was locked down longer than England) and when I did try to get to a local dealer recently the bike didn't start. Have now got it booked in somewhere near on Friday as they're open and they have diagnostics, though bikes that old don't really have full diagnostic functions like newer bikes. And no I didn't see it at point of sale or test ride so can't say it was fine upon point of sale.

Some basic things can go wrong such as a plug etc. and that's just bad timing, but not a TPS, that's not coincidence. As for riding it, I've been up the road a few times as it was new to me so have to try and "learn" the bike, and the fault was intermittent. The light would flash then next time not until the next time it was stalling and didn't start. But thanks for the support. Your opinions though so fair enough.

Thanks Careca. Yes pretty pissed off, you buy a bike it should work doesn't seem too much to ask. Suprised and disapointed in the mechanical reliability of Honda though, would've expected better. Your situation with the BMW sounds like an absolute nightmare though and far more costly. It shows buying from a dealer offers no guarantee of qaulity or cover if faulty. Hopefully I get it sorted Friday.

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Re: Performance Problem
« Reply #21 on: 24 June, 2020, 02:34:00 PM »
Don't give up on that  Honda. I do think you have been unlucky or the victim of a less than honest dealer. Art has also been  trying to help you  with regards to the correct process that should be followed for full legal recourse but he was disadvantaged as it was not clear you had already tried to communicate with the supplying dealer and had been ignored.  Also , there might have been some recourse over the distance selling rules.
   Honda are a good brand and are accepted as the best manufacturer of bikes out there.  Having tried all the brands  at one point or another in my lifetime there is probably a reason there are still  3 Honda's in my garage at the moment.  There again there is a brand or two I will never touch again even if they sent me a free new one.
I hope your bike gets sorted out and once running as it should it can restore your faith in what is a great machine.