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Lockdown Virtual Sports
on: 22 April, 2020, 08:07:35 PM
You may have seen the pro footballers and cricketers playing in their houses during lockdown. The news that a pro cycle race is going to take place with the athletes taking part in front of home webcams using treadmill-mounted bikes a la the "Peloton" App set me thinking about the upcoming Olympics. Surely we can extend the idea to allow athletes to take part in international competitions from the comfort of their own living rooms?

I propose the following sports:
    Olympic middle distance on-the-spot running. To enliven things I suggest background pace music is allowed, provided it is "Knees Up Mother Brown".
    High Jump; the winner is whoever can jump from the top of the garden shed into a first floor window.
    Javelin, using Nerf projectiles
    Marshmallow Shot Putt
    Pairs Rowing. Instead of a starting siren I suggest the event is started in the traditional lock down manner by someone shouting "DO YOU HAVE TO MAKE THAT REVOLTING LIP-SMACKING NOISE EVERY TIME WE'RE EATING?"

Anyone got any other suggestions?

On the subject of "Peloton" I suggested to Number 2 son he might like to try it. "No thanks," he said, "If I want to get shouted at in my own bedroom because I'm not working hard enough I'll move back in with you and Mum."
"...and still the Red Queen cried, 'Faster! Faster!'"