Author Topic: how about telling us about your "favorite/best" bike or experience ??  (Read 1835 times)

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I've had my Blackbird since early 2000, for the first few years, I had electrical problems by the bucket full until it was discovered that the injected birds had an electrical issue from the factory, apart from the shared reg rec issue, a loom block for testing the engine and ancillaries at the assembly line, was just taped up and forgotten, as time went by the block managed to go south with moisture weeping into the wrapping causing rot, when this was discovered, we thought that it was only the 99/2001 bikes affected, how wrong were we?? :006: it was ALL injected birds, Honda knew about the problem as soon as we told them, so as they usually try the cheapest option first they moved the block, a "fix" that ended up not fixing anything just causing the later model owners who had been told, that the problem was solved, and their bikes wouldn't be affected.  :027: this has since caused a fair bit of animosity amongst owners in that "Honda" couldn't possibly be wrong, whist "we that have had the problem" tried to tell them differently. Although due to ill health and an old git I don't often ride my "first love" and it finds itself consigned to the back of my garage whilst my CBF1000 MK1 takes pride of place on my bike lift, as of yet I'm still not fit enough to ride, I have done and will do again, but safely, during the time I have owned it the,"Biffer" has had a few mods chucked at it, some electrical work done, and an exhaust waiting to go on, as I'm not electrically minded, I find myself referring to old posts on here for answers and tips, "this has saved me a fortune so far"  :062: so I'm just over a year into my Biffer ownership and looking forward to many more years of ownership, I've met a couple of people from this site and they seem just like the Bird crew, always helpful and friendly, I hope to meet a few more owners/riders in the near future, now how about telling us about your "favorite/best" bike or experiance ??
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A newbie to the Biffer, owned a Bird for 19 years, and looking forward to long term ownership of my CBF!!


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Many decades ago in a galaxy far, far away......

Hurling the BSA (that's how long ago it was) westwards on the A303 one icy, frosty November's night about 2 AM in nil traffic (them were t'days) we flew over a crest wit the pickaxe exhaust note of the high-tuned single cylinder singing to the night just as the moon came out from behind a cloud and suddenly there, there were the sarsens of Stonehenge, glinting eerily white in the frosty air. In spite of the fact that I was already frozen to the marrow after 1 1/2 hours non-stop a chill ran down my spine. In fact, I can even feel the sensation as I write. They don't make nostalgia like they used to.....

I a similar vein, one January night on the A20 heading East with a stiff wind at my back on my Honda XBR 500 I watched as the road salt, lit by the headlamp, blew along the tarmac like sand dunes tracking across an African desert. More winter biking, that's the way to nirvana.

The TRX 850, one May Bank holiday, hustling along a series unclassified roads to dodge the bumper-to-bumper grind for the South Coast in hot sun. All the other traffic must have been on the A and B roads..... I got to my sister's place near Rye, switched off, opened my visor and, thought "Wow, that was a fantastic run." I then realised with a start  I had actually said it out loud.

Where's the Biffer keys?
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