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MK1 Lever Guards Bodge
« on: 11 October, 2019, 07:47:41 PM »

After a user posted a photo of their 2010 GT CBF 1000 with hand-guards I ordered a pair of universal hand-guards but sadly they don't fit as the guards are way too large. In the event anyone manages to find ones that are the correct size this eBay add for the same item shows that they're mounted by to the bars as well as the O.E.M bar end weight using the longer screw provided in the kit.

So: black plastic bit with long screw threw it attached to the generic handguard > O.E.M bar end weight on the inside with the screw placed through it and then attach that to the bars. Looks like there's an additional hole on these to screw into mirror mounts (on some bikes).

I then tried with an old pair of Oxford hand-guards but again had no luck, but I think that might have been because I have a pair of Oxford mirrors on that fowl them.. not sure if it would work with O.E.M mirrors (might try in the future as a winter set-up swap if I get bored).

So instead I took the hand-guards off and used the long screw from the generic hand-guard kit to mount the oxford lever guards to the CBF instead.

Not sure how well they will work (vibration etc) but kept me busy and entertained. Have a bit of free play because you can't really do them up tight due to mounting method -- and you'd round the thread inside the bar out -- but they're relatively firm.

^ I haven't drilled into that, by the way, its literally a black piece of plastic against the O.E.M bar end ^

I put a spacer (comes with Oxford hand-guard kit) on the left one and moved the guard out one adjustment length-ways (it has four holes) to prevent fowling the clutch lever.

.. And from here I may be able to cable tie / bodge some material around the lever protector and mirror stem to prevent wind-blast (any suggestions welcome).

Or if you actually know of hand-guards that fit the MK1, and can provide a link to buy online, that works too.

Hope you enjoyed/get inspired.  :028:


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