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Road fund(already?)
on: 07 October, 2019, 12:32:45 PM
Just had my CBF vehicle tax reminder drop through the letter box inviting me to hand over 91.00 for the upkeep of our pristine road network. Can't remember what it was last year but I'm sure it's gone up again.
My wife's just bought a 1.8 Toyota hybrid and road tax is zero! Is there logic in this somewhere?
Should have kept my Kawasaki 750 I got in 1979,it would be free by now!


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Re: Road fund(already?)
Reply #1 on: 07 October, 2019, 02:52:30 PM
Motorcycle Vehicle Tax is what they calls it now, not sure when it ceased to be 'Road Fund Licence'. Anywho, it's gone up year on year. It was 85 in October 2017, 88 in October 2018 and 91 for October 2019. Unlike my little diesel powered Ford which has remained at 30 per year without increase since November 2012. But lets not shout too loud because the real deal is we won't be paying any less for motorcycle Vehicle Tax, its the car Vehicle Tax that'll be playing catch up.

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Read on another forum that the London Motorcycle Museum is closing and all their machines are due to be auctioned off at The Stafford Motorcycle Show on 19th October. Might just check out the auction lists to see what's being offered there.

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