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Re: Twin headlamps anyone?
« Reply #10 on: 07 October, 2019, 08:27:57 PM »
*Originally Posted by Shed [+]
Thankfully all of the bike specific MOT garages I've dealt with use common sense when applying the written rules of government pen pushers. The MOT itself is a complete joke anyway, and far more a cash cow than a legitimate 'caring' entity. Thankfully most of the testers are bikers themselves with a biker mentality, rather than a pedantic letter follower.
And the people who create these labyrinths of wordiness? These people are absolutely never wrong are they?!
I agree that the latest update has got some serious mistakes eg an HID upgrade - an aid to safety against ultra bright car headlights - is a fail, even if they have a correct beam pattern. When I complained they sent me an old paper showing how they scattered light, while still allowing LED conversions, some of which are worse! They also failed my bike after I fitted a conversion that flashed the brake light on heavy braking, but didn't repeat it if reapplied soon after. ie a 'flickering brake light is a fail'. That was written in my day when I was involved in the MOT regs as there weren't any electronics and a flickering light meant a bad earth. Pity this isn't recognised as another aid to road safety.

All I can say is I revert to my HID lights after the MOT and after checking they meet the MOT beam pattern and aim. If anybody does challenge this I'm prepared to make a fuss in court!
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