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Fuel starvation or what?
« on: 22 September, 2019, 05:03:37 PM »

 Hi just returned from a short trip to Italy and Austria, my Biffer has spent its 12 year life on a small island and has only completed 20,000 Kms,  I bought in Feb of this year, only had 16k on the clock!

 Anyway, had the chance to open it up and keep the throttle at between 4500 and 6000 rpm, got the wife on the back with panniers and topbox plus twin tank bags, fully loaded. On more than a few occassions felt the need to pass  long lines of HGVs travelling between Venice and Innsbruck, only too find that the power was not there, starting to stutter and power dropping off with a BMW coming up behind with lights flashing, had this happen before, between Athens and Patras, I hit the kill switch, hit
 it again, opened it up, bingo we have ignition, flashed past the lorries and pulled back into the slow lane to let the racers go by! This must have happened at least a dozen times on the journey so  I would appreciate any comments to finding a solution as I really felt on more than a few times it was a life threatening situation.
 My local Honda dealer reckons the fuel pump is the culpruit and possibly the tank has some rust particles that cause a tempoary blockage by hitting the kill switch off and on it stops the pump and somehow clears the jam! Seems a bit too simplistic to me, wonder if anyone else has had a similar problem?