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Re: Valve Shim inquiry
« Reply #10 on: 31 May, 2020, 05:52:00 PM »
Thank You Art
No way would I spend £900 to get the valve clearance shims adjusted.
I am good with spanner’s on cars have rebuild many engines like twin overhead cams and used shims. I will learn how to do it myself. Think it’s about time I really got to know my bike it may get me out of a hole one day. First job see what tools I need to carry to fix a breakdown. I think it helps to understand exactly how everything works on your ride. First job learn best way of getting to everything like taking the fairings off.
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Re: Valve Shim inquiry
« Reply #11 on: 01 June, 2020, 05:08:37 AM »
To be fair £900 starts out at much less and does include all the other service items too, can't believe I'm defending the dealers here. Unfortunately service costs can mount up because there is no way of knowing what needs replacing until the inspections have been made. Anyone who uses garages will be familiar with the 'we've just checked' phone calls advising of extra work and extra costs and some dealers make more than the one call! For example, call one we've just checked the brakes and it needs replacement pads all round the standard pads will be £120 or you could have the 'upgraded' pads at £175, long story followed by open question 'which would you prefer'? Then comes call two which you've been half expecting 'we've just checked the valve clearances and it needs 4 shims replacing at £8 each and another £240 labour to fit them'...

The sad part is some dealers use the recorded service history to check how receptive a customer might be to additional work or what additional work they may be able to get away with. The really sad part is the 'customer service' calls are so professional they leave the customer feeling they've been given the 5 star treatment rather than the truth which is they've been taken advantage of and often lead to glowing reviews such as 'had a really long chat', 'everything was explained in detail', 'they answered all my questions' etc. Fools and their money but none would admit as much.

Don't be thinking the independents are any better all garages are in the business of selling labour. Its old Pareto's Law 20% of profits from the sales of parts, 80% of profits from the sales of labour.