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Cam Chain Rattle and Replacement
« on: 13 August, 2019, 10:41:32 PM »
My CBF1000A Mk1 from 2007 has now passed 105.000 km, and it has develloped a slight rattle that now and then can be heard when engine is on idle.

The rattle dissapears as soon as revolutions become higher than idle.

I suspect that it may come from the cam chain, and would like to hear if anybody in here has experienced this, and possibly found a cure.

I consider to replace the relevant parts: cam chain, tensioner, guide and lifter during the comming winter Where it is also time for valve clearance inspection, new sparc plugs, and replacement of the old radiator which is rather corroded in several places.

The Honda Shop manual says that the clutch should be removed as part of getting access to do cam chain replacement, but to me it looks on the pictures in the manual that removing the clutch should not be nessesary.

Any comments?

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