Author Topic: Going Bigger....Tyres that is......  (Read 3026 times)

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Re: Going Bigger....Tyres that is......
Reply #10 on: 05 August, 2018, 07:00:41 PM
Which reminds me, why can't someone invent a decent puncture-proof tyre?

Someone heard you, CEAT, a tyre manufacturer in India produce the Zoom Rad X1, which they claim is puncture proof. Bad news is that it's only for 200-400cc bikes (and only available in India). They actually have a H-speed rating.


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Re: Going Bigger....Tyres that is......
Reply #11 on: 05 August, 2018, 11:30:43 PM
Puncture resistant bicycle tyres have a Kevlar lining, I think ,but I presume this would be too expensive on a larger motorcycle tyre.
T31 is the latest Bridgestone sport touring tyre, I have just had these fitted to my CBF1000FA ( T30 weren't going to be any cheaper for some reason ) - rolls along nicely. I always fit Bridgestone Battleaxe tyres as replacements and have always found them good ( only time I didn't was when a dealer fitted Dunlops by mistake to a Kawasaki Vulcan 900, but they were ok ).
Difficult to know how other tyre makes on the CBF1000 would compare without trying them of course.
The previous Road Attack tyres had been on the bike a few years before I got it so can't really compare, but the rear did seem to square off all of a sudden.


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Re: Going Bigger....Tyres that is......
Reply #12 on: 24 August, 2018, 07:43:47 PM
Don't know about going bigger BUT a 120/60 /17 front improves the turn in a treat!
All the way to the edge( and a bit more) track use only :mfrlol:


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Re: Going Bigger....Tyres that is......
Reply #13 on: 30 August, 2018, 10:29:17 PM
Decided to go for the Michelin Road 5's

Couple hundred miles in, before stator went south, and feel good.

Did a run back from Glasgow in heavyish rain. They don't half throw out some amount of water. Got to be good, right..