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Re: Biffer vs Versys 1000
« Reply #10 on: 02 October, 2018, 12:05:35 PM »
I finally test rode a Versys 1000 last week and agree with most of chubblybearís assessment. I am just over 6ft with 33Ē I/leg and although I could put both feet flat on the ground, the seat did press uncomfortably into my thighs. It is too tall really. In the 40mins I had to ride, I got the feeling that the vibes/long distance seat comfort would be about the same as (but not better) than my biffer. On the move the Versys seemed very chuckable, carrying its weight well. Getting it onto the centre stand was a doddle because the bike is so tall it only lifts up a small way onto the stand. It was thus very easy to sit on it and roll it off the stand which I hadnít expected beforehand. The mirrors are positioned closer to the rider compared to the biffer,  but you get used to it, even if the biffers are more user-friendly. Both are vibe free. The screen was better for me than the biffers at diverting main airflow, but it did set up a much louder whistling noise from my Arai helmet. Again, the difference is subjective and not a big deal. Lastly, am I alone in much preferring analogue dials to digital? I hate digital speedos, even if that does make me an old fart! Itís quicker and easier to assimilate info from dials in my view.
Overall, when riding my biffer back home, my assessment is that the V1000 is very much like the biffer and offered not much more in practical terms but for double the cost of my 2011 Mk1 GT. The biffer really is a great all round bike. I love it and will be keeping for a long time, I reckon!

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Re: Biffer vs Versys 1000
« Reply #11 on: 05 October, 2018, 09:26:44 AM »
I have been looking at what could replace the Biffer, and I am thinking maybe just upgrade the rear shock, as I am otherwise still very happy with it. the styling shouldn't date, and I am not particularly taken with Adventure bike height or styling.
Digressing slightly, I owned a CB750 F2N Retro between 1996 and 2002. These bikes had exactly the same reviews as the CBF1000, 'boring', 'does everything well' etc.
I saw on Pinterest last night a load of custom naked cafe racers, all based on the 'boring' CB750 F2N, one of the professional builders said that he wanted a good reliable bike to convert......
I see CX 500 are a popular choice for the custom builder as well.
Is this the future for the CBF1000?