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Travel Insurance to include riding above 125cc
on: 17 April, 2018, 04:47:04 PM
My Annual Travel Insurance is due soon, my current company have hiked the price by nearly £100!

Having done my usual homework about companies not insuring riders on bikes above 125cc, I found what I thought was a contradiction in the Directline Policy Document, so I rang them to clarify the wording.

In the ‘Your Covered For’ section it states.............

‘Motorcycling (up to 125cc, crash helmet must be worn, cover excludes third party liability)’.

HOWEVER, paragraph 7c of the ‘Specific Exclusions’ states.......

‘The vehicle is above 125cc and it is not your mode of transport from YOUR HOME AREA’.

I checked with the lady at Direcrline, who assured me (having checked and double checked herself), that touring on our motorcycles WAS covered as long as we left on our own bikes from the UK.

Although the wording of their document is poor, in essence, if I hired or used a bike above 125cc that I hadn’t left the UK on, I wouldn’t be covered.

Check your policies guys, I know of a number of riders that thought they were covered but weren’t.

If you ask ‘Am I covered for motorcycles’, their answer will be yes. However, you MUST check you are covered to ride a larger capacity bike. Also, if you are one of these riders who hires a bike abroad, along with the usual bike insurance cover you’ll need to check your Travel Insurance covers you in these circumstances.

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Re: Travel Insurance to include riding above 125cc
Reply #1 on: 17 April, 2018, 09:10:42 PM
I have used Holidaysafe for sometime now. They def cover bikes over 125cc and are competitive pricewise. They also cover us over 70's